Gathering of PES 2013 reviews

It’s no surprise that the beautiful game will have its fair share of great titles, but when it comes to football, the two major contenders are back again. With FIFA 13, competing with its last edition there is also Pro Evo 2013 in the frame as a contender to the soccer throne. Both franchises are determined to not only build on their previous games but also match up against each other, so we are intrigued to find out what the overall opinion is as far as Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is concerned.

You will find that there are plenty of divided fans when it comes to both franchises and by personal experience, they both have something that separates them, even though FIFA has seemed to come out on top in recent years, and some PES fans have switched. We are interested to see if this iteration is good enough to entice many of these gamers back, and Game Informer are under the impression that Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 does not have enough big changes to warrant this.

The communication and Chairman feedback systems in the Master League experienced in the last game have been axed and although this became irritating, there was a notion that this would be improved rather than done away with. When it comes to gameplay, there are some changes to the controls and manual passing is one of the best improvements as this shows an indicator of areas to launch some devastating passes. The AI involved could show a bit more aggression to stop through balls, and overall they feel this may come second to the popular FIFA franchise even though the gameplay is better.

It seems that Konami much like EA are moving forward and trying new things which gives both franchises reason to up their game in future installments. An extensive review by The Bleacher Report scores various parts of the game, and the lighting effects for both sunny and dull match-days are great, although the players involved could be rendered better, and in some cases, they are alarmingly better than others. The ball physics make it seem somewhat deflated and this is a part of the game that should be worked.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the ball physics tend to let the game down along with the commentary aspect is one of the worst experienced in a sports game. The sound effects are decent enough and the raucous crowd noise adds to the atmosphere, but when it comes to the licenses for various clubs this is where FIFA shows superiority, although the customization options give PES 2013 the edge. The soundtrack is regarded as annoying, but personally, I feel that all soccer games have had terrible music and some good old football anthems would make so much difference.

I remember giving up on FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 after just a couple of games with the annoying Song 2 by Blur rattling around in my head for weeks. Without going through every aspect of the game it seems like their overall score of 7.5 out of 10 was for what they regard, as a good game but not perfect my any means, and the UEFA license makes up for the lack of others. If it were not for the competition of FIFA this game would have more room to shine, even though this is a decent football game.

The Guardian
feel that the full range of passing and the controlled shooting adds more to this title and enhancements are noticeable as far as the graphics are concerned, along with the movements of the players. Generally, they feel that there are some great improvements to the game, but still do not expect many FIFA fans to switch. From my personal experience of the demos the PES 2013 demo involving the national teams has been played just as much as the FIFA 13 one, although if the latter had more teams involved PES wouldn’t get hardly any attention.

With this in mind, a couple of weeks ago we looked at demos from both franchises and the overall conclusion from what has been experienced is that more are in favor of FIFA 13 being a bigger hit. Have you played both and feel this is the case? Do you think that the improvement in both titles is great news for fans of football games?

  • James1811

    PES 2013 is reasonable and improved but still lacks clean consistent gameplay. I used to love PES regardless of the lack of licences but now FIFA has grown and significantlyand improved in recent outings whilst Pro Evo has struggled during the console generation transition and experienced difficulty in establishing a solid gaming experience.

    The dated presentation and scrappy engine is something Konami need to address to take the series forward and compete with EA and with both titles being vastly apart; I can’t see that changing any time soon.

    EA have work to do too in producing a solid visual representation of football too but in recen years FIFA has taken huge strides whilst PES has struggled to recover since its difficulties back in 2007.

  • declan

    EA will always have the edge because of their financial prowess. PES has always had better game play, but they seriously need to up the commentary. They should get the La Liga commentators and focus around that more because of the licences they have.