Halo 4 in certification, awaiting gold disc

Halo 4 is intended to be the first of a new trilogy of the series known as the “Reclaimer Trilogy”, and the new direction taken with 343 Industries is expected to obtain a whole array of fans. The latest news that the game is finished and currently in certification awaiting gold disc, shows that the schedule for this title is on target and the 6th of November is when it will be released exclusively on the Xbox 360.

Only yesterday, news that it was literally finished started filtering through as Frank O’Connor confirmed at this morning’s Halo 4 press event at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden. Paying tribute to the work done by about 300 people, O’Connor informed gamers that it is off through the various certification processes and Video Gamer report on it only being a matter of time until the gold disc is sent, which will in turn begin printing the millions of copies to go around the world.

To add to this great news, Gaming Bolt highlight three more bonus exclusives announced by Gamestop, and those pre-ordering Halo 4 at the store will get the opportunity to choose. Through the 6th of November, a voting option between Green Warrior Avatar Armor vs. Arctic Battle Rifle weapon skin is available for the chance to win a $500 GameStop gift card for those who reserve their copy, and Gaming Bolt have a link for those involved to check out. Other exclusives for people who pre-order at Gamestop are Customizable Forest Armor Skin and Mjolnir, Assassin, and Bonebreaker Emblem Set (PowerUp Rewards members only)

In other relevant news, our most recent Halo 4 post picked out some of the assassinations and takedowns seen in a recent trailer that starts with the awakening of Master Chief in the single-player campaign. There is plenty of action on offer in this footage, including the main protagonist rising and taking on the Covenant troops that are boarding the vessel, as well as some familiar takedowns and assassinations to that experienced in Halo: Reach. Will you pre-order your copy of Halo 4 through Gamestop? On the other hand, have you obtained another incentive to reserve your game elsewhere?