Improving Dead or Alive 5 review scores with patch

A small patch for Dead or Alive 5 holds considerable weight when it comes to much needed improvements and this can be seen with a few review scores. Changes have been made to the characters in regards to the power in various attacks, along with other enhancements seen involving the reactions to certain moves, so those who have recently obtained their copy should notice these improvements.

It has been said that a few of the changes were not noticeable although many improvements have added value to the overall game opinion, and the patch notes are explained on The Gamers Hub. Minor enhancements have been made to the character motions and moves along with some throughout the offline mode including the ability to change the stage models, which has been removed to assist the load times. Your points will be displayed and the World Ranking will be updated in the Survival Mode. When it comes to the online mode many changes are apparent including each character’s Grade and Title being displayed during the pre-battle entrance animation.

The matchmaking system has been improved, the Random filter will display within the client’s settings in the Lobby Match, and other various minor changes show that Tecmo Koei is intent on delivering a balanced online game to the best of their ability. In a recent review by CVG, they highlight this game as ideal for those who want no holds barred action fighting, although they feel you have gone to the wrong place if you were searching for a decent storyline. Apparently, this is more similar to a bad Japanese sitcom, and more ambition was expected overall, although the game’s training modes are classed as superb.

Regarding the online play as fully competent even allowing you to spectate other online matches, they do not see this as a giant leap forward from DOA4, awarding it with a score of 8.1 they conceive this is not perfect but good fun nonetheless. Another recent review by Kotaku points out that previous games have been the same old recycled stages ever since Dead or Alive 2 but this version is different in that aspect. The bizarre but extensive Story Mode is regarded as a refreshing change and the new stages are exciting and full of environmental hazards. A new ending boss would make a nice change for Dead or Alive 5, other than that this version seems to be a decent attempt to play the familiar fighting action in a completely new game.

Metro feel that Dead Or Alive 4 was the breakthrough that this title doe little to expand upon, as the attempt to make this game more realistic is apparent, yet the women with their unnaturally wobbly breasts are the only real selling point to this game. Classing Dead Or Alive 5 as a fairly unique fighting title, this version is great for the counter attacking gameplay, which is ideal for beating the old button mashers among us. All said and done, this title lacks the complexity of other well-known fighters and a score of 6 out of ten was given overall.

There is fun to be had here and DOA5 is more extensive than your initial experience is lead to believe although there is not much to offer as far as competition is concerned for other preferred fighting games, and not many new features are on offer either. Do you feel that Metro’s score of six is a bit harsh, or do you expect more from Dead Or Alive 5 this time around?