Latest Skyrim mod collection helps longevity

In addition to all the recent DLC for Skyrim it seems like a collection of mods is also helping the longevity of the game, as allsorts of great new aspects have given us cause to look at what modders have been up to adding to the popularity of Skyrim. There are so many different things to do when it comes to modifications, and the hilarious outcomes can also complement the serious work that is being done.

Using Skyrim mods to recreate Final Fantasy characters is nothing overwhelming but the lighting involved shows some impressive affects and Kotaku talk about the amount of gamers online commenting about good this looks compared to the original. Some may disagree with this sentiment, yet the lightning does look pretty good, even though some seasoned fans would not entertain the rest of the game looking like this.

A more humorous use of mods is seen in a video reported on Gamerfront, as this shows the Gangnam Style making an appearance in Skyrim. The tune created by Korean musician named Psy is known as the “Gangnam Style” and the dance involved is even more prominent. This Korean song has become a big hit and invaded many other worlds including the guards in Skyrim, and seeing them dance to this tune is something that you cannot take your eyes off, as the motion data is superb showing off some sweet moves.

As far as large fan-made content is concerned, Moonpath to Elsweyr is a large mod explained by Game Spy, and shows many great improvements to the world of Skyrim. Everything from a new narrative and an exciting world to explore is on offer, along with airships and dinosaurs giving cause to relish how great modding can be. Even though some parts are said to be rather too linear for their liking, they are still overwhelmed by the amount of work that’s gone into creating a more vibrant and captivating side of Skyrim.

In relation to this, last week we spoke about a new mod for Skyrim, which resurrects the past and transforms an older Elder Scrolls game with a modern game engine. What is your impression of the various mods introduced to Skyrim?