New Super Slim PS3 purchasing decision

Yesterday was a huge day for gamers, not only because sports fans were able to get their hands on FIFA 13 in the US but also because the New Super Slim PS3 was made available to them, so now they have a tough purchasing decision to make.

For some gamers there is no issue here because they have already made up their minds that it’s a new PlayStation for them, while others will think it’s pointless if there’s nothing wrong with their current model – even if it’s the fatter version. As with all new products that come out there will be those negative towards it, and the New PS3 is no exception, but we find it strange why they would say they don’t like the new console and will not be purchasing it.

Now why would anyone even consider getting this new model if their old model is working just fine – not unless their current model has giving up on them? Do you believe that people buy a new model just because it’s new, or do they have a genuine reason to do so? We’ve heard from our readers that they can understand if there was a limited edition version, like the a Final Fantasy model PlayStation 3, but there’s nothing like that just yet.

Okay, so we know that this model is said to be 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than what we already assumed was a slim model, but apart from that we’re not too certain on the design. Let’s face it, the disc cover is not the best looking thing on the market and makes it look a lot like a George Foreman Grill, that and how cheap it feels and sounds when it opens. However, when stood up the tray does slide back quietly.

Personally I feel that the Slim model I’ve had for a year now looks more premium than the new model, but that’s just my opinion. However, the biggest issue that could sway your purchasing decision is the cost, as Sony did not reduce the price like we had hoped they would do. We know that Sony has had a tough time with the PS3 and took some time before they started to break even with the console, but with the Wii U due in the build-up to the Holiday Season, Sony could have got the undercut and offered an aggressive pricing strategy.

Will you be getting rid of your perfectly good PS3 for this new model?