Today’s Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo now available

The release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories has had a few setbacks but at least we are finally drawing ever-closer to its official release, which is October 16th for North America, although there is currently no confirmed date for the UK. However, in a strange twist while the U.S. has no idea as to when the demo will be available, those in the UK can feel a little smug in the knowledge that the Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo should now be available today. If it’s still not ready for download then be patient, it will go live at some stage today.

In this trail version of the game from Konami you get to play the first two zones in the single-player mode, but that’s not all you also get to battle it out with the Fire Boss. It’s not much but is just enough to give you a taste of what the game is about and how well it performs on the PS Vita, which is the only platform the game will be available on.

According to Konami players will be able to familiarize themselves with the new elements of Book of Memories, such as the combat and how you can explore within the game. The demo will be a true test as to whether Konami got it right with going in a different direction from previous versions of the game.

WayForward Technologies vision of the game might not go down too well with fans of the franchise, but it’s clear to see that this new direction was needed, especially since this is a completely new platform as well. If you have 3 friends with the game then up to 4 of you can link up and play Silent Hill: Book of Memories wirelessly, making it much easier to solve puzzles and whatever else the game throws at you.

Konami knows that they are taking a risk with the franchise, which is why they have included the opening cinematics on the demo, which could be the perfect way to get your gaming juices flowing for the new title.

Since the first trailer there has been a lot of negativity towards this game, but you have to wonder how people can make up their minds so quickly? Having said that, there is good reason to be wary, the first is because of the different direction we mentioned above and the second is how this title has flew under the radar, which comes down to marketing.

Will you be giving Silent Hill: Book of Memories the benefit of the doubt?