Wonderbook: Book of Spells PS3 Super Slim incentive

With many gamers showing concern about how much the new PS3 Super Slim console is going for, there is bound to be a call for decent incentives to make it worth buying. The announcement of the Wonderbook: Book of Spells release date along with attractive bundles is a good way to accumulate interest and we are pleased to see that some decent offers are starting to come out.

November the 14th is the expected date for JK Rowling’s Wonderbook: Book of Spells with a UK and Ireland launch following shortly after on the 16th, and Digital Spy highlight Sony’s plans to release the game in a bundle with their new range of super slim PlayStation 3 consoles. Packaged alongside both the 12GB and 500GB models this bundle includes Wonderbook, a Move controller and PlayStation Eye camera.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells is aimed at children aged 5 to 12, and this title contains plenty of great adventures and experiences for kids to explore. Listing all the features of this game PlayStation.com regard Wonderbook as a tool for the imagination and a powerful storytelling vehicle using augmented reality technology to change the world around you. Wonderbook gives players the opportunity to learn the art of spell casting along with valuable lessons that would be taught to those attending Hogwarts. Everything from new characters and backstories to the famous spells are on offer and humorous encounters are in store for all of those Harry Potter loving fans out there.

In relation to the new Super Slim PS3 our last post on this console spoke about the purchasing decision in the US, with the arrival of FIFA 13 at the same time, giving us cause to suggest another attractive bundle for those in two minds about getting the new system, but also enticed by this years edition of FIFA. This is a no-brainer for someone like myself who’s current PS3 is in fine working order and other than the new one being super slim it doesn’t have much else to offer, and FIFA 13 is calling as a priority. With this in mind, do you feel that Sony’s new console has to come with more bundles or reduce the overall price of the system?