Assassin’s Creed 3 impresses at Eurogamer Expo 2012

When walking through the doors of Earls Court in London for the Eurogamer Expo 2012 there was a huge decision that awaited us, and that’s what game should we go and try first? The most obvious would have been to check out Black Ops 2, which is just what we did, however upon seeing the huge queue we thought we would leave it for a little while. Now while the hardcore fan of this franchise would argue that we should have waited around, we felt that there were many other games that deserved the same kind of attention – after all Black Ops 2 wasn’t going anywhere.

With myself was a work colleague and a few friends and the first thing that demanded some attention was the Wii U; ZombiU was the obvious game to check out first, but for some reason we were drawn to New Super Mario Bros. U, as this will be the game that the kids and the true Nintendo fans will go for first as well. It was fun to have four friends playing the game trying to progress in the game, also on hand was one of the women from the Nintendo stand who had the GamePad in her hand. She had the chance to either help the players up high by building a bridge to allow them to continue on their way, or even block their way, which does seem fine at first, but could become a little tiresome after a while.

There’s also a part within the game where you need to shake either the Wiimote in order to help the characters on their merry way. Now why it was fun watching some friends do this, it was much better once the lady got hold of the Wiimote and begun to shake it aggressively. We only got a little time with ZombieU, and from what we could see did not offer the kind of intense experience that you get when playing in Zombies Mode in Black Ops, but was still impressive for a launch title. It’s fair to say that while the Wii U is a vast improvement over its predecessor, it’’ going to take sometime for the device to come into its own, which could be an issue as it could be just a year after the release of the Wii U that Microsoft could make their next-gen Xbox available.

Once a couple of my friends had decided to join the now growing queue for Black Ops 2, myself, my colleague and my friend decided that it would be more beneficial to look at some other games while they were not grabbing so much attention. One title that caught our eye was 3D Driving Simulator they had set up. We entered into a competition to try and post the best lap time – which did not come from any of us by the way.

The overall experience of the game was pretty good, but the whole setup with the seat, steering wheel, pedals and gear stick seemed to be spoiling things, as it didn’t seem to relate to what was going on in the game. While we loved how you felt every gear shift, the brakes, steering and gears did not seem to do what we asked of them, and there also seemed to be some delay. Overall though the experience was pretty good, but not sure my bank account would be able to stretch that far.

After that we needed something a little more light-hearted, so my colleague got down on the floor and decided to try out Wonderbook: Book of Spells, which you will be able to read more about a little later. However, it was refreshing to go to a small stand where there was no other person there, so great to just have a one-on-one session at the stand.

One game that we’re looking forward to the most this year has to be Assassin’s Creed 3, we had the choice of seeing what the character does best, or trying out the new Naval Mode, we went with the latter. From the moment the game began we loved how blue the water was and those waves looked awesome. It did seem strange at first because trying to sail a ship once the sea turns rough is not like driving a Ferrari, as you have to think three steps ahead because of the time it takes to maneuver the ship. However, once you get used to this along with setting the sails right then you’re in for some great fun, although it did become confusing at first when it came to selecting your weapons, as you needed cannons to take out ships and chains to just taking down a mast so that you could board and takeover a ship. There were one or two issues with the graphics, but one would assume that Ubisoft would resolve this in time for the full release.

This took us to lunchtime, so decided to go out for just over an hour to recharge our batteries. We’ll follow-up with the second half of our day a little later.