Future Wii U ports: F1 2012 and Grid 2

Only last month Codemasters had said that they would not be able to bring F1 2012 to the Wii U, but did not rule it out entirely. Thankfully since then they have had time to think about what they had initially said, because they now believe that future Wii U ports are possible, with F1 2012, Grid 2 and Dirt Showdown being at the top of their list.

While they have yet to confirm that they have started work on these ports, Codemasters have said that they have not ruled it out. It’s also been reported that the developer has also said that they would love to port all their titles to Nintendo’s upcoming console, but it’s clear to see that some games will be more appropriate on the Wii U than others.

What Codemasters titles would you like to see ported to the Wii U? – Well it’s obvious that the three racers above are at the top of the list, but we’d also love to see F1 Race Stars as it would be a perfect addition for the Wii U. As most of Codemasters titles are racing simulators it’s hard to know how well such games would port, but we’d sure love to find out.

We only got a short amount of time with the Wii U during the Eurogamer Expo yesterday, but it’s easy to see the potential. There are already some great games lined up for Nintendo’s new console, but there is a distinct lack of racing games. If the likes of Codemasters were to start porting their games over to the Wii U then it wouldn’t be long before other developers would follow.

How awesome would it be if the Wii U were to get Forza and Grand Turismo, okay so it’s not going to happen but it would help to show off the power off the device – well the power the new console has on paper that is? These games would have been great to have as launch titles, as it’s been pointed out to us that a huge percentage of gamers want a racing sim when they purchase a new console.

However, there is still a list of other great titles coming to the Wii U at launch, and Darksiders 2 is just one of them and the upcoming console is to get a host of exclusive features. Where this new version will differ to the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC is not only the benefit of GamePad features but also new amour, weapons, missions, enemies and much more. It’s added features like these that will help to make certain the Wii U will be a success, because there’s nothing better than healthy competition for Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles is there?