Optimistic Xbox 720 fully-fledged immersion

The gaming industry will soon be in a state of flux because Nintendo are to release what they believe to be their next-gen console, so one has to wonder what kind of reaction this will have on the market, as well as wondering if Microsoft will rush their next-gen console out? From what we have seen the Wii U is certainly a step-up from its predecessor and on paper should out-perform the current-gen consoles, but Nintendo might only have a year to extract the most from this as the Xbox 720 could be with us in time for the 2013 Holiday Season.

There’s no denying that those in the gaming market should be feeling a little optimistic, but the latest rumor has got us wondering if we are expecting too-much from Microsoft’s next-gen console? We know that the Wii changed how we control games as Microsoft and Sony followed with their own adaptations of this technology, but a recent patent filing from Microsoft would have us believe that the next Xbox could come with a wearable controller, which could bring fully-fledged immersion to our gaming experience.

We’re told that the new controller will come with electromyography technology, which is said to be able to measure muscle activity. Not much is know about this technology in the gaming world because it’s used in the medical industry, but Electromyography or EMG can measure the electrical activity generated by your skeletal muscles.

Microsoft are hoping that they can corner the market just as Nintendo did with the Wii, because they came out with a controller that was not seen before, and while Microsoft and Sony tried to compete, Kinect and Move have never been able to gain the same kind of success as the Wii with its Wiimote.

While this sound like an interesting prospect for some gamers because of the thought of fully-fledged immersion – even though we have no idea how it could be implemented – we feel it’s a little too optimistic. The thing is the Kinect is thought by most Xbox 360 owners as a gimmick and assumed that the line was drawn in the sand with such silly ideas. However, there’s a constant need for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to outdo each other, so are always looking for the next big thing to take an advantage, but does the industry need these gimmicks or should we just get down to serious gaming, that is until true virtual reality becomes a prospect – then that’s when we can call it fully-fledged immersion.

Speaking of rumors, there’s also another that suggests that the Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called will come with an immersive 3-D experience. If all these rumors were to come true then we could be looking at the ultimate games console – but that’s never going to happen is it?