Questionable Borderlands 2 graphics improvement settings

News that a tweaks guide will assist the graphics settings within Borderlands 2 on the PC is questionable to say the least, especially since the reliable Unreal Engine 3 offers so much in terms of running smoothly on most setups. Apparently there are many ways to improve the graphics and performance for Borderlands 2 and this is expected to help those issues found with delayed texture spawning.

It is worth mentioning that tweaking the setting files of the game can be risky and other problems can occur and suggestions have been made to back up of whatever you are intending to tweak. In an article on Segment Next they extensively document a whole array of ways to improve your experience with an informative guide on tweaks, and two of the main aspects involved concern turning off smoothing and changing the FOV, although we are sure this is already available within the in-game options menu.

This has given us reason to question whether this will add anything to the improvements that can be initialized in the game itself and whether it is worth playing around with it. In other Borderlands 2 news, MCV reports on a market fight back for this title along with the previous editions. It seems that this has been reflected in overall video game sales that have gone up 125 since last week, and this can been seen with a total of £16.6m taken at games stores in the last week ending September 22nd.

There is a noticeable increase of almost £10m in comparison to the previous 7 days and with 586,077 games sold overall, a 70% rise has been acknowledged. This also has a lot to do with both F1 2012 and PES 2013, although Borderlands 2 is viewed as the biggest selling game of the year, as yet. This is great news for the developers and publisher involved, and Take-Two Europe general manager Neil Ralley has commented on how many gamers have embraced this title calling it a testament to Gearbox’s talent as a developer, not to mention all those from 2K. We are sure the likes of FIFA 13 will bump these figures up even further by the end of the week, sparking a decent start to the autumn season.

At the beginning of the week we let our valued readers in on some great ways to locate Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs easily, and where to find an extensive guide on the quickest way to get all those that have been documented. We expect there are far more to discover, which have not been mentioned or found, but this is ideal for those who want to make life easier. In relation to the original topic, have you noticed any enhancements to graphics and performance after changing the settings? If so, do you think it is a vast improvement?