GTA 5 for Wii U: Gamepad utilization possibilities

For the Wii U to be taken seriously the platform will need the help of some big titles, Black Ops 2 is one such title but Grand Theft Auto V is another. While the former has already been confirmed it’s still left to rumors for the latter, but just imagine the Gamepad utilization possibilities if Rockstar were to support Nintendo’s upcoming console?

While there will be some gamers who believe that GTA V will never come to the Wii U you cannot forget that both Rockstar and Nintendo have a good relationship with each other, so never say never. Okay, so there might not be a huge benefit with using the Gamepad with certain aspects of the game, but there’s no denying the potential when it comes to using your cell phone or even better some of the minigames that will be coming to GTA 5.

We have yet to know what these minigame will be, but seeing as though there will be a fairground, using the Gamepad for some of those fairground games would be awesome, such as shooting at ducks, and trying to grab hold of a prize in order to win it. However, there are so many other possibilities so what would you like to see the Gamepad used for if GTA 5 does come to the Wii U?

You have to love how some gamers do not want to accommodate the notion that GTA V could be coming to the Wii U, many of them seem to forget that the franchise is not just tied to two consoles and the PC, that and the fact that the rumors have been ongoing for some time now.

Previous versions of the game would not have been practical on the current Wii, but knowing that some big titles are coming to the Wii U is proof that the new console is more than powerful enough to handle GTA V. Nintendo knows that they cannot keep going for a younger audience looking for those novelty features within a game, so for the Wii U to be taken more seriously it will need games like Grand Theft Auto V.

We do find it funny when we hear from gamers who state that Grand Theft Auto V will not come out on a Nintendo device, but they seem to forget about Chinatown Wars on the DS. Do you believe that GTA 5 will be released on the Wii U, and if so what Gamepad possibilities would there be?

  • Nintendoro

    true true. Wii U need titles like this. The fact is that Wii U pre-orders are selling out and this should rise confidence of many 3rd party developers who still consider working on it. I personaly am one of the first to pre-order a Wii U…

  • Luigipie

    Even something simple like a turn by turn Sat Nav when you’re driving on the Gamepad Screen would be great! The china town wars little mini tasks, like creating Molotov cocktails or jacking cars would be fun with GTA 5 too… I hope it does come out for it but I am not gonna hold my breath.

  • Vigo the carpathian

    I think I’d take the ability to play the full game on the gamepad while the tv is occupied over features that make it two screen only but I’d like to see these:

    Gamepad as steering wheel with wiimote for drive bys
    Short-cuts for cheats rather than those silly codes for better rampages
    zombiu style rifling through corpses pockets
    melee weapons2 player co-op or counter-opGamepad based prostitute love minigame?

  • Nelson

    I don’t think Rockstar has ever taken Nintendo seriously. Nintendo is more of a family console, so releasing a GTA game on it probably wouldn’t do much for sales and marketing. There has only been a total of 2 GTA games ever released on the Nintendo platform, GTA Advance and GTA Chinatown Wars which was later ported to the Playstation Portable. Anyway, not hating on Nintendo or anything, I love Wii, but just think about it.