Galaxy Note 2: Price you pay for larger screen

With so many smartphones trying to compete with each other, it seems as though there is so much research to be done before you commit, and boy is it a huge commitment because the device will be with you for at least a year minimum. If you’re into Android then you certainly have a huge choice available to you, if it’s a huge screen that you’re looking for and into your games then there’s the Galaxy S3, but if it’s something a little larger then maybe you should consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

We’re certain that there are voices in your head saying go with the Galaxy S III because you will pay a price for having the larger screen of the Note II, but to some the risk could be worth it. The main risk is the sheer size of the thing because it’s certainly going to be noticed when in your pocket when compared to the S III, and even that’s on the large side when compared to the new iPhone 5.

When it comes to processing power the Note 2 comes with a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, which is a little faster than the S3, and add in the fact that the Note II comes with Jelly Bean out the box when available next month – well it has all the ingredients to become a great device for the gamer.

Once you get over the fear of owning a device with such a large screen you will then begin to see the benefits of its huge display. Don’t get us wrong the S3 with its 4.8-inch screen is not going to disappoint when it comes to gaming satisfaction, but let’s face it if you love your mobile gaming and don’t want to consider the PS Vita then the Samsung Note II is worth a try.

Gaming on this device is not a tiresome chore like it is on the iPhone and yes even the iPhone 5. Okay it may have that larger screen (in height only) but it’s still on the small side when it comes to many of its rivals, and then there’s the fact that most of the gaming apps cannot even support the new screen – so no real benefit to the gamer just yet – although there are one or two new games designed for that new iPhone 5 display.

While we await footage to see how well games will play on the Galaxy Note 2, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that it will feel more comfortable in the hand than the iPhone 5. Don’t think that I’m an Android lover here because I have an iPhone 5 and have fallen into the iPhone trap that I can never seem to get out of. I just don’t mind admitting that when it comes to gaming and given even more support from Google Play and its developers then the Galaxy Note 2 could become one of the best portable gaming devices for the smartphone market.

Okay, it’s never going to compete with the PS Vita in terms of portable gaming, but in the smartphone world it’s certainly worth taking the risk – come on gaming on that 5.55-inch screen is going to be a dream when compared to its rivals.

  • Android boi

    Well well well. I’ve just come back from the Samsung flagship store at Stratford & I have one word to say, ‘dissapointed’!! Ive been dreaming thinking sleeping of the Note 2 from day one & currently use the S3 which i love. But I couldnt help but notice the very first thing that caught my eye upon picking it up for the very first time. That was the screen is no where near as sharp as that of the S3. I held my S3 side by side of the Note 2 & it was very evident that there was quite a difference, and that was just looking at the phones icons. It may only be noticable to someone like myself who has the trained eye but if your looking to upgrade from a S3 you might find this phone hard to upgrade too as I am now dealing with. Without looking up specs of both phones again if i recall correctly the S3 has a pixel density of 312 & the Note 2 I think is something like 276. Me being me I spoke to a couple of the Samsung reps & they seem to look at me as if they didnt know what I was talking about, but these guys are the least clued up ones, something that Apple staff are very good at, knowing their products very well. Anyways so I really dont know what im going to do now.. it sux cos apart from that thephone seemed really good. Oh yeh & i played GTA2 on it aswell.. again the pixxelated graphics were very evident once again.. such ashame cos i had really wanted to upgrade for the bigger screen, guess i’ll be waiting for the Note 3 then 😛

  • Android boi

    Its me again, so just to confirm the Note 2 has a pixxel per inch (PPI) density of 267 & the S3’s is 306.

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      Perhaps you are noticing the fact the Note II has a different sub-pixel layout than the S3?

      The only OLED screen I have seen is my PS Vita and I have to admit in some ways it doesn’t look as nice as the LCD on my phone, in other ways its better. The differences between one screen and another are always so subjective.

      I have owned PC monitors I thought looked great but had reviews of poor image quailty. The one I have now in fact looked worse than my old monitor but now I no longer am able to compare them side by side, I got used to it.