Resolution for Skyrim Dawnguard PS3, don’t wait

It seems like a lifetime ago since Skyrim Dawnguard was made available for the Xbox 360, because we’re still waiting for the release of that first DLC on the PS3. It was only a few days ago when we studied what Peter Hines had been saying on his Twitter account when answering fans who were waiting for the new content to come to Sony’s console, and it was clear to see that it’s not going to happen anytime soon – but is this really a bad thing?

For Skyrim fans we can understand the frustration because you cannot get something that you feel is owned to you, but it could be a blessing if this DLC does not come out just yet as there are so many other great games that have just been released or are almost upon us.

The most recent game that could demand some of your attention has to be FIFA 13 or even PES 2013. The two titles are based around the same sport but go about things in a completely different way, so the choice of the two always comes down to what you want from a game. However, it’s the upcoming games that could demand more of your attention, such as Assassin’s Creed 3 (which we experienced during the Eurogamer Expo) or Black Ops 2.

Okay, so we know that a huge percentage of Skyrim fans are not into those kind of games, but we would say that most of them are and is a perfect reason why you don’t need to hang around and wait for Dawnguard on the PS3. While AC3 will not offer the same kind of gaming hours that Skyrim offers, the likes of Black Ops and even FIFA 13 will because of its online play, something that The Elder Scrolls V lacks.

Don’t get us wrong Bethesda have ruined things for so many of us, and they have a lot of work to do in order to make it up to us, but at this current time the lack of PS3 support could be a blessing. We know that it’s easy to be negative about this whole situation, but the constant complaining is not going to make Bethesda work any quicker in resolving the issues – although it would be nice to be kept in the loop.

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    Bethesda do have alot of making up to do but that will never happen they’ve clearly shown their true colours they do not care about us at all and its pretty much clear that their not going to release any DLC’s on ps3 until they make a game of the year edition so then we will be forced to buy it to get the dlc’s. Its just one massive con that Bethesda are pulling on us to get more money. Well it will not work bethseda I will purchase dawnguard if they ever release it but I will not be purchasing any more of their games. Instead of wasting my money on dishonoured I think I’ll use the money for Black ops 2 or AC3

    • Azilorn

      If that was the plan, they could have refused Microsoft’s deal for an exclusive, released the content exclusively for PC and ran the same story for both consoles that it has problems running just to try and maximize profits, but to be perfectly honest released a game of the year addition wont improve sales because most Bethesda fans are not as big on the game as they make out to be and when the Dawnguard DLC is eventually released, be that DLC or GOTY most of the games players will have diminished elsewhere. I honestly think that Bethesda is having problems with the game and cannot find how to fix it so they are not going to bother, its bad on both parties behalf’s Sony made a very complex console that is hard to program for, and Bethesda has not bothered to learn that structure it seems.

      • Dante

        That is no excuse for a multi-million dollar company. The PS3 is what, 6 years old? They have made several games for it, and other companies, just as good as Bethesda have not had these types of issues. So what, your really buying this crap? Its “too hard” to program for? Gimme a break, either there is some sort of money scam going on here, Beth just did a lazy 360 to PS3 Port, or they are mentally challenged when it comes to coding video games, and I know that isn’t the case. I would bet money that they ported the game from 360 to PS3, thus the hardware issues. But not for one second will I sit here and take the “its to hard to code games for a 6 year old console that already plays several of our games” excuse.

    • HardcoreGamer6

      Damn right I completely agree, as a PS3 owner & Sony guy I still play Skyrim. The only way however I buy that DLC is if it involves content for PS3 only in other words “PS3 Exclusive” or its free. I know this is wishful thinking because this isn’t Bioware its Bethesda; I’m sorry they take forever to do things & mostly they happen…eventually. This is ridiculous though.

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    Bethesda do have alot of making up to do but that will never happen they’ve clearly shown their true colours they do not care about us at all and its pretty much clear that their not going to release any DLC’s on ps3 until they make a game of the year edition so then we will be forced to buy it to get the dlc’s. Its just one massive con that Bethesda are pulling on us to get more money. Well it will not work bethseda I will purchase dawnguard if they ever release it but I will not be purchasing any more of their games. Instead of wasting my money on dishonoured I think I’ll use the money for Black ops 2 or AC3

  • willik

    You mean after skyrim came out other games didn’t cease to exist? I can actually go out into the world and look for forms of entertainment that aren’t within the borders of tamriel? You sir are a terrible writer and a complete waste of time.

  • gate keeper

    f#ck em. f#ck soccer too

    • and most importantly, f#ck you.

  • the verbalizer

    wutever. since that last patch i cant play very long without getting froze every time. from my view, skyrim has died and went to hell-o my honey hello my baby hello my STFU

    • we

      you freeze every time you enter water. you actually have to delete your game data and then re-install the data and patch again. happened to me too and we shouldn’t have to perform a fix for an updated patch

  • casper13rocks

    how can discrimanation of any kind be a blessing yes there are plenty of games to play that dosent change the fact that ps3 owners bought the same game as xbox and pc owners and are just as entitled to any and all content relesed to other platforms the only exclusion period was 30 days for bata testing at the end of that 30 days dawnguard should of been released to all skyrim owners or none should of been alowed acsess this is nothing but discrimaition and ps3 owners have been waighting more then long enuff for some information

  • Daniel Smith

    2 months a lifetime?! How long was it before the PS3 got Oblivion? Also they’ve taken a fair amount of time getting Morrowind onto a Sony console. Stop posting ‘news’ that contains no actual news, you’re wasting internet space.

    • a

      *3 months

      • Daniel Smith

        I wasn’t expecting a PS3 release during the 30 day exclusive period so assuming July 26th to be the expected release date it has been 67 days or 2 months 5/6 days depending on how many days we say are in a month. Pedantic lad is being pedantic.

    • Curtis Isabell

      morrowind came to ps2/ps3?

      • Daniel Smith

        No, I’d like it to but my point is that it hasn’t and it’s had a far longer time period not being on it than Dawnguard. I have it on the original xbox but it gets buggy/crashy after your save gets past a certain size.

    • Benji Statham

      A sony console could never run Morrowind when it was released. Now the PS3 cannot run Skyrim properly. Glad I made the sensible decision when the XBOX 360 arrived.

      • Carl Mawson

        It’s not the ps3 that’s the problem, it’s porting vastly different codes to machines that don’t run them. Look at it this way, the 360 is a square hole and Bethesda built a square peg with “Skyrim” written on it, that fits the 360’s hole nicely. Then they decide to release it on PS3 too, which has a round hole and that peg just won’t fit.

        The exact same thing happens with games developed on PS3 and ported to 360 – FFXIII looks incredible on the PS3 but looks like crap on the 360. And sometimes porting can benefit the PS3 – Bioshock looks better on PS3, as does L.A. Noire. And Portal 2 looks identical but wins out on PS3 due to the implementation of steamworks, allowing cross platform gaming. All this Skyrim debacle shows is that Bethesda hasn’t got a clue what it’s doing – Beth are the problem, not the PS3.

        And I stand by my choice – when I was buying consoles five years ago, I wanted a machine to play games on, not something to constantly send back to the manufacturer. I know 1 person with a ps3 technical issue and EVERY 360 owner from launch I know has had at least 4 RROD. Yes it’s fixed now, but the only time I’ll buy one is when they’re £50 brand new.

        • willy

          Thats completely wrong, it doesn’t show Bethesda are crap just that like all the other companies they made a choice. You said yourself that Final Fantasy looked crap on the 360 but you arent. accusing the FF devs of being crap… They just made a choice too!

        • whyme777x

          So sand the f*cking peg down to round, Bethesda! (and yes, I know you’re not Bethesda, this just seemed as good a place as any to whine at nobody.) You started coding the game from scratch, coded the main game to work fine with the PS3 (really, haven’t seen all these crazy bugs everyone’s always crying about), why should DLC be so damn difficult to sand the edges of. Really, there’s no sensible reason I can see why the original released version works fine, but the DLC is an impossible apocalypse-heralding undertaking to work -.-”

  • annoyed

    What a useless article devoid of any relavant information to the topic of the title.

    • anon

      Yep. Clicked in here off Google, will never be back.

  • birr

    Stupid article, had nothing to do with the title. Irrelevant.

  • birr

    Never going to buy dishonored either

  • Jimmy Rodriguez

    They are basically tell us that we need to buy another game and we are not ever going to get the DLC for Sky Rim. I bought this game for PS3, now i am being informed to never buy these types of games for PS3 but for 360.

  • WITW

    What are you talking about? This is a post about Skyrim not sports games! You are seriously horrible at this.

  • customer like it matters. =(

    whatever fine thx. it says “add-on content” on the back of my ps3 skyrim case. now i know the answer is no. have a good day Bethesda, do not expect me back. Shame really i like your game.

  • customer like it matters. =(

    oh I am not buying dishonored either, my choice yes it is but i would probably get burned for it anyways.

  • burn-in-hell

    f**k dawnguard and bethesda iv had to wait and wait and wait so f**k it i have mop now (mop: mists of pandaria) im not even gonna buy the dlc

    • luke the nuke

      WoW ftw

  • vbully

    I would take in what he is saying, I too am upset that Dawnguard isn’t in our hands yet. It reminds me of Shivering isles, you know how when you became a vampire you couldn’t cure yourself if you had the expansion for PS3. Although we shouldn’t bicker and yell at the people who are trying to help, just have good hopes and pop in another game besides Skyrim, take a break and enjoy the new titles coming soon. I know that they wont stop trying until they truly reach a dead end.

  • ɪ_яɪʞʊ

    Sports and black ops? Yeah, because they’re a decent substitution for one of the best RPGs of the past few years. I don’t like to ‘hate’ on the internet, but you went about this article SO WRONG. I’ll grant you AC3, but… I dunno.. DISHONORED maybe? At least it’s similar in style to Skyrim.

    • zenimedia

      my friend dishonored and skyrim share nothing but a publisher. two very different games.

      • ɪ_яɪʞʊ

        No doubt. But there is at least magic/combat in Dishonored and stealth in Skyrim, ‘FIFA’ does not share either of these attributes… it’s a shame.

  • Potion802

    WTF? Really? There are other games other then Skyrim? >.> Why would anyone write this article it contains NO information, should fire this guy. And why not mention Dishonored or the Fallout games to play instead?

    • BlackRangerRedguard

      Dude, totally. Dishonored is going to be SO sick!

      • BlackRangerRedguard

        Not to mention Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I’m playing that right now!

  • Dchapman

    Not everyone likes stupid ass FIFA, that stuff sucks! We Skyrim fans have been waiting for so damn long for dawnguard, I mean really! I for one would have just been happy with only the Vampire Lord ability because it kicks ass!

  • SoccersGay

    I ain’t about to play no gay ass soccer games… I ain’t gay and/or in a spanish country.

  • the face

    Can people please stop making these unless it is the release of safeguard news other than that I’m sick of this safeguard still not out for ps3 crap

  • jason bradley

    wait what is the actual purpose of this article i learned nothing from this

  • Kevin Lee

    i dont know maybe its just me but does anyone else feel kind of cheated or even lied to a little? i mean i know in the past you only got dlc if you had a pc but this is the gaming world we live in, how is it your game works on a system but the expansion content doesnt? i kind of feel defrauded by bethesda and im not the type to sue people to get them to do their jobs but it rediculous that it work on pc and xbox but magically it does work for sony.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    If I were in charge of this site I would fire you, this is such a terrible article. Really? FIFA? The bright side is FIFA? It IS a bad thing, and you should have to rewrite an article detailing just WHY it is both unprofessional and unacceptable that both PC and XBOX (who received it earlier) are able to play it while the PS3 world is left out in the cold, when they could just release it as is for now and continue to work with it and allow those who it will work for to enjoy it and those who it will not to wait, but at least be able to try.

  • Still Waiting

    Why would you even bother to create this article besides telling us what we all know. I believe i just wasted one minute of my life listening to what dome British guy thinks is useful to us. what does he know.

  • ninja

    I’m just going to be the optimistic one and think that maybe they have dawnguard working if it was by itself but now they need to get it working with hearthfire and other dlc. I’m sure they will do everything to release them both just to make xbox “first 2 dlc exclusitivity deal” that much more valid. Microsoft might actually have an issue with bethesda if ps3 got its very own dlc. But this is just an optimistic opinion after being angry about this for the past month and a half

  • H

    I looked up news on Dawngaurd not a sugestion. There is no new news, or anything in this article making it pointless.

  • datdude

    This far into a console cycle and so many still don’t own the two consoles for the hardcore? If you’re a 360 only or PS3 only gamer quit your whining. You’ve had ample time to get both systems and enjoy the strengths, exclusives (timed and otherwise), and online for both. Nobody cares that you’re getting screwed, if you had any sense whatsoever you would have realized this is the way it works this gen. Microsoft is strong in online, multi-platform releases, and timed exclusive content. Sony has the better and more varied exclusives. If you haven’t learned this yet, that’s a you problem. Wake up chumps.

  • Curtis Isabell

    The ps3 ram architecture doesn’t allow skyrim to run smoothly. to be honest I think they should have scraped the ps3 version

  • Guest

    The PS3 is a PoS. Everybody with a brain has known that since its release.

    • Daniel Smith

      Perfect operating system?

    • Daniel Smith

      Producer of sandwiches?

    • Daniel Smith

      Parrot on speed?

  • Benji Statham

    Lol… Making the best of a bad situation. If that’s the best you can do all these PS3 owners should just switch to the better console that has it all.

    • Daniel Smith

      The Wii?

    • Daniel Smith

      Seriously though why buy a new console when it’d be cheaper to get it on PC? Assuming everyone on here is using their PC to be here.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    Bethesda is crap. Pete Hines is clueless. Microsoft has been putting date rape drugs into Todd Howard’s drinks and he likes it.

  • luke the nuke

    will you guys calm down. i heard that if dawnguard doesnt getting released, their gonna make an epic dlc just for the ps3. who knows, it may involve guns.

  • Carl Mawson

    What gets me is how they say they won’t release it until they get it up to an “acceptable” level. Given how badly broken Skyrim was at launch on the ps3 and that that was considered “acceptable” for release, one has to wonder just how badly they’ve screwed up with Dawnguard.

    This is what happens when you try to make a square peg fit a round hole, Bethesda. Time and again we see issues with porting from one system to the other (it happens in both directions, look at FFXIII, which was massively inferior when ported to 360), I don’t know what the solution to this is, but there must surely be one. Both consoles have been out a long time, long enough for developers to pull a NASA and fit that square peg into the round hole. Bethesda need to get their act together, pulling this quality bullshit when they didn’t care about quality at all at game launch.

  • thisarticleisapieceofshit

    Play a sports game…. Really? I could play a sport in real life, I want to slay some fcking Vampire Lords god damnit!

  • T

    OP is an idiot. In Entertainment is awful.