Comparing WWE 13 to WWE 12: Smoother and glossier

We expect every new game in a franchise to build upon the last, but the improvements involved in WWE 13 are evident for all to see, and when you compare WWE 12 with this new edition the vital elements like the gameplay is smoother and the overall finish is glossier. We understand that the introduction of the Attitude Era has given us an extensive roster, but this is not the only improvement to the game.

The best way to match up the overall look of the games is to check out the screens for both this and the previous edition, and in an article on Examiner, they compare the features with images of C.M. Punk. The screenshots from WWE 12 seem somewhat hazier and less detailed and the current game seems to have better lighting effects. CVG highlight some of the new features and improved technology that make this game superior to its predecessors, and side-objectives have made the career mode unique.

Certain tasks that are implemented to add relevance to the history of the original stories concerning specific wrestlers, and with over 100 unlockable extras there is plenty of content to keep fans amused for sometime. In addition, options to customize the entrance ways shows THQ has paid attention to these aspects that were lacking in WWE 12, and having control of the different venues gives players more as far as selection is concerned. There is a sense that control scheme and HUD haven’t seen many changes and WWE 12 didn’t have the revolutionary improvements that were expected, although this year’s edition looks set to build upon this.

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about whether those who fell out of favor with last years game and questioned whether WWE 13 could persuade cynical players back. With this in mind, the new improvements and features in this edition give us reason to believe the extensive roster and smoother gameplay will not only entice back some of those fans that turned their back on the last game, but also feel WWE 13 is expected to appeal to a bigger audience. Do you think the improvements this time round will bring back many disheartened gamers? Alternatively, are there some other aspects of WWE 13 that still require attention?

  • Manuel Medina

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