Countdown to Resident Evil 6 and limited midnight release

So much has been said in regards to Resident Evil 6 and now the countdown begins for its final release, as there’s just a day left. Opinion has been divided on this game so the fans will now get their say as to what they think, because it’s still not certain if they have bought into the direction that this new version of the game has gone in.

We would have hoped to see some more stores opening at midnight for the release of Resident Evil 6, but so far all we know is GameStop and Walmart in the US. No UK retailer has made any sort of announcement either, although you can still head down to your 24-hour Tesco or Asda store. We do have one piece of good news for you though, if you’re quick and visit the Tesco Direct website and pre-order your copy of RE6 you’ll get £5 off your purchase thanks to a special code, but you better hurry because it won’t be there for much longer.

This got us thinking as to what other pre-order deals are still available for Resident Evil 6, and you’ll be happy to know that you’re not too late to get an incentive for ordering your copy of this game today.

The first is Amazon, who will not only give you $10 off the game but also throw in the ‘The High Seas Fortress’ Mercenaries stage as well. GameStop will give you ‘The Catacomb’ Mercenaries stage for free but also offer you entry into the Six Flags Resident Evil Night, which takes place on October 6th. Capcom Store will give you a full-sized umbrella with the Umbrella Corporation logo on it. Finally Best Buy are offering the ‘The Rail Yard’ Mercenaries stage. If you know of any other pre-order incentives then do let us know.

Back to the game itself, a few days ago I did have a try of RE6 at the Eurogamer Expo and it seemed to lack the atmosphere that you would get when playing the game at home, it really does feel so different playing such a game like this in a big hall when compared to your bedroom or living room late at night. Having said that from what we saw the game does deserve a chance, something that some gamers have not been giving it. Well there’s only one day before we will know if Capcom has been able to deliver.