FIFA 13 success amplifies present craze

While there will be a huge number of gamers who feel that the yearly onslaught of certain franchises are ruining the gaming market, you can’t help feel as though many of them do not care, and the current success of FIFA 13 is proof of this. In it’s first week of sales the latest game from EA has shifted more than one million copies, which we have to say just amplifies the present craze of this cult football/soccer series.

FIFA 13 currently holds the number one spot in the UK, with its rival PES 2013 way down in fifth, which is more proof that Konami’s answer to EA’s title is still lagging. We’re not saying that Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is inferior to FIFA 13, but the numbers do speak for themselves, but then again it’s all down to the current craze we mentioned above.

What we find more amazing about these latest sales figures is how they have only be equaled in recent years to Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops, but we’re certain that Black Ops 2 will quickly dwarf recent FIFA Soccer 13 sales. This latest version of the popular series is a step up over its predecessor and with sales figures up by 27 percent is further proof of this. Let’s just hope that EA are able to maintain players interest with a decent amount of DLC to help keep the game relevant.

It’s pretty clear to see why FIFA 13 has been enjoying some success when you look over some of the recent reviews, because a majority of them have been very positive, but that’s not saying that there are those who still hate the constant yearly barrage of such games. All the time there is football/soccer there will be games like this because it’s what the fans of the sport want. Although we have learned from some of them who would much rather EA release a new version of the game on a less frequent basis, and release downloadable content instead, but would you be one of them?

We’d love to know what you feel is missing from FIFA 13 and how you think that EA would be able to improve on this game, maybe there are certain aspects of PES 2013 that you would love to see implemented?

  • mol83

    well PES is for those who really understand football.if selling counts for best game ever then overhyped COD is the best FPS ever and people will overlooked quality