iPhone 5 cases for children with special needs

Those of you who have children with special needs will understand how difficult it is to keep your child happy. Some of them can find a number of things to keep their minds occupied, but for some the smartphone has been a great way to keep them from getting too much out of control. Now we know that some of you will wonder why you would want to give a child with learning difficulties an expensive phone to play with, but until you have experienced it for yourself, then it’s hard to imagine. Just know that by allowing them to play games on let’s say the new iPhone 5 will not only help calm your child down, but also give the parents some much needed relief also.

I can’t personally know what it’s like to live with a child with special needs day in and day out, but my cousin does and I have seen first hand how difficult it can be. The slightest thing can set him off and calming him down can take some time, but they have found that by allowing him to play games or even just watch amusing videos on YouTube helps to calm him.

Now some of you will say that this can be achieved by allowing the child on a laptop or computer, but there are a few issues with this. The first is the games available on a computer are not as practical as iOS apps; the second is how easy an iPhone is for a child to take around the home with him/her, and the third is protecting your laptop or PC because I have seen first hand how children with special needs can treat their stuff.

It would be far cheaper for parents to get their special needs child an iPod Touch, but for those who cannot afford yet another expensive device they’are more than happy to allow their child to play with their iPhone 5, even if it’s new – there’s nothing better than seeing a smile on the child’s face.

As you can imagine the phone will need to have some sort of protection because there will be occasions when the child will have one of their moments and throw the device on the floor – again I’ve seen this happen. Having spent that kind of money on the iPhone 5 and also having made your decision to allow your special needs child to play with your phone, then you’re going to need a pretty decent case to stand up to the stresses that it could go through.

One such case would have to be the Defender Series Case from OtterBox as it’s ideal for heavy use along with those random accidents, which will happen. Many cases only have one form of protection, the Defender Series Case has three layers along with screen protection as well – this will help protect it against the amount of dirty fingerprints, food and more. This case will also protect the phone from being dropped on the floor on occasions, but will not be ideal if the child decides to launch your iPhone 5 across the room.

One of the best cases to help protect your iPhone 5 has to be the Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case, although these are not ready for shipping just yet but will be soon. What makes this a far better option than the OtterBox is how there are five layers of protection, so this should help to absorb the impact if the phone is thrown and not dropped on the floor – although we would not like to try that for ourselves.

These are just two iPhone 5 cases offering the best levels of protection. Again not all parents would allow their children with special needs to use an iPhone 5, but for those that do there are a few options to help offer the device some protection.