Countdown to Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Beta

An Xbox Live exclusive beta for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is expected to be available by the end of this week, giving fans the opportunity to try out the Sarajevo Stadium map and compete in a brand new game mode known as HotSpot. In addition, those experiencing the beta will also be able to check out the new features of Battlelog.

Battlelog is the social platform also used in Battlefield 3, and the HotSpot mode is a capture and defend mode that has had some improvements, as the capture points are randomly designated. Reporting the release date of the beta, Gaming Blend mention Warfighter’s multiplayer being developed by Danger Close Games this time round and they are also involved with the single-player mode. Apparently the beta is expected to come out on the 5th of October, and a video of the actual game will be released a week later containing music from Linkin Park.

With no information on when the beta will be finished, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is due out on October 23rd in North America, with the Europe getting theirs 3 days later on the 26th. As we get ready for the beta, Examiner highlight information on the actual game, and the violence involved. It seems this edition will be more detailed than previous Medal of Honor games with an M (for Mature) rating, which is down to the amount of blood, intense violence and bad language contained.

Back in June, we wrote a post about FIFA assisting Medal of Honor: Warfighter against COD, and in this, we spoke about how the popular football franchise and Call of Duty appeals to gamers all over the world, whereas Medal of Honor is more reliant on US fans. The comparison is not so clear cut, as popular football players moving to certain leagues in the world can also bring attention to the FIFA video game, yet army based shooters need to embrace the countries involved by using their special forces to entice patriotic gamers.

In Medal of Honor: Warfighter a similar crowd is beckoned with the introduction of Russian Spetsnaz, Norwegian FSK and HJK, South Korean’s UDT/SEALs, Germany’s KSK, the Polish GROM and the SASR, from Australia, along with the UK’s SAS. Are you expecting this version of MoH to challenge the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?

  • No Me gusta

    Medal of honor franchise started on Playstation , why the heck is the beta Xbox exclusive ? Shame on You EA , since i can’t test it , i won’t buy it

  • mohaa veteran

    Medal of honor started on the pc not the playstation

  • matt nico

    beta is not out on demos yet ?

  • bowes96

    when is out in uk

  • Broomy

    I still don’t understand why the BETA isn’t out. Apparently was meant to be around 6PM UK time. It seems like UK needs to wait til around 8-9PM

  • Mohaa commander

    First demo should always be on the PC. Disappointed MOH supporter since it’s inception.