Fresh BF3 assignments have a catch

News of five more assignments in the multiplayer section of Battlefield 3 comes with conditions, and although some gamers are used to this occurring more often in today’s titles those wanting to experience these assignments will have to be a Premium member. In some cases, there are many incentives for signing up, so we thought we’d run though what is involved for those intrigued whether this is worth getting involved in.

To sign up for the Battlefield 3 Premium it will set gamers back around $49.99, so those wishing to get hold of all the exclusive content available will find this latest DLC just a small amount of what is on offer. As we look at the five assignments, we inform our readers that there are three expansion packs already released for the game. This involves Back to Karkand, Armored Kill and Close Quarters along with End Game and Aftermath expansions two weeks early. The assignments will give gamers weapon camouflage as well as new challenges to pursue and this consists of things like reviving 10 players and killing 50 players with a shotgun (for example).

Those completing an Assignment will in most cases get the chance to obtain a new unlock and the objectives are listed on the Gaming Blend website, along with news of the Armored Kill expansion, which was released last month, and Aftermath expected in December. In addition Gaming Blend also show the Aftermath expansion reveal trailer and this offering will contain four new maps along with various other bonus treats. No actual release date has been set for this content, although it is expected sometime in December and this will be the fourth expansion to hit Battlefield 3.

As far as the Armored Kill expansion is concerned last week we wrote about the broad availability exciting fans of the franchise, as news of it making its way to non-Premium subscribers on the Xbox 360 and PC is great news for those who feel they are missing out. This will set Xbox gamers back around $15 or 1200 MS Points via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PC owners will be able to obtain this through Origin Store and will be approximately 1.5 GB to download. Do you feel that those paying for this should get some of their own exclusive content as an incentive?