Galaxy Note 2 cases for your gaming comfort

There has been much debate as to which of the two Samsung devices will offer the best experience in terms of gaming, and while the Galaxy Note 2 does have a more powerful process, the display on the Galaxy S3 will offer greater detail. However, there’s no denying that if you’re looking for a smartphone that will make gaming more enjoyable then the Note II is worth the consideration.

However, as with all devices like this it could become uncomfortable after a while, which is where you might need to consider a case, but currently there is not much choice at the moment. We don’t expect this to be an issue for long because the handset has recently been released so the accessories will soon follow.

From the limited choice one such case you should consider is the S-Line Wave Super, which thanks to its flexible design offers a decent amount of comfort, but limited protection, although it does come with a screen protector as well. This Galaxy Note 2 case is said to be weather resistant and also offers easy access to connection ports, and volume buttons.

The ToughGuard Shell is another choice and also offers a limited amount of protection from its polycarbonate material. This case will also offer more comfort while playing games, but not as much as some of the rubber ones that are available for the iPhone 5, which also offer a decent amount of protection when being handled by those who might mistreat the device.

One would assume that there would soon be a Ballistic SG Series Rugged Tough Case for the Note 2 because of how popular it was for the first model. This is the kind of case that we feel is perfect for the gamer, because not only is it soft in your hands, but also is able to absorb shocks from dropping, which could happen from time to time.

We’ve yet to see a case from OtterBox for the Note II, but we would assume that they should have one available soon because they do offer a case for the original Note from Samsung. When it comes to gaming what do you look for in a case, comfort or strength in case you accidentally drop the device?

  • Joey

    Otterbox is my choice when I get the Note 2

  • Magnus100

    I want an extremely thin, yet protective case for my note 2

    • garaxy

      thin cases are mostly efficient against scratches, not blunt trauma. I would recommend ghost armor, thin film that is scratch proof, and the film surface provides better feeling grlip

  • garaxy

    this phone is slim enough so when I layer it up with something like otterbox quality it actually provides better grip for my hand size.

  • Confused

    what is the name of the case that is on the phone in the picture?