Gathering of Resident Evil 6 reviews, schlocky and silly

The wait is finally over as fans of one of the best zombie franchises can now get hold of their copy of Resident Evil 6, although over the years we have seen the series lose its way. Fans had hoped that RE6 would be able to find that magic once again, but we have to realize that the market has changed and it’s games like this that have to make compromises.

As you would expect there has been a gathering of Resident Evil 6 reviews and while many of them agree that it’s nice to see the game released, there’s a consensus that it’s both schlocky and silly, but would you agree or are they being a little harsh and not giving RE6 time? Capcom knew they had to deliver but at times it feels as though they have tried too hard, as they have put far too much into one game that it often feels a little overwhelming.

This is something that Gaming Blend agrees with, along with the fact that they suggest that the dialogue in the game can also feel a little awkward. While they suggest that RE6 is an evolution over past games from the franchise, they also feels as though you will spend many hours thinking about some of those past titles, most notable the very first game from the franchise and Resident Evil 4, which was considered one of the best.

The Escapist notes that on paper this game has all the makings of an epic one, but it’s the rehash of several missions that will slowly let RE6 down. However, once you get over this the action sequences are awesome, but will leave you a little trigger happy because you will want to shoot at anything that moves – a lot like Zombies Mode from Black Ops then.

It’s not all bad because there are a number of improvements in Resident Evil 6, such as the inventory system. However, The Escapist has a final note when they say that RE6 cannot recreate the magic that we loved from the original game all those years ago – but should we still live in the past because things have to move on?

What Culture also says that Capcom have tried too hard in putting too much into one game, but it’s still enjoyable and is finally time that fans of the franchise should now embrace the marriage between action and horror.

Final Thoughts – Resident Evil 6 is not the disaster that some of us had suggested, and while there are still many flaws within the game there are many parts of it that will still keep you entertained.

  • Big Gav

    Well I’m only about an hour into it and I’m lovin it !!! It’s like the walking dead meets the bill! Lol to me the parts I’m playing at the minute on Leon’s stage feels creepy almost like the original from what my memory reminds me of cant wait to bump into some big bosses!!!!