Potential Black Ops 2 campaign details and mod concerns

With just over a month to go before Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 braces the public, plenty of details concerning the game and its modes have been leaked online. We recently heard about the new zombie campaign called Tranzit and the dozen or so maps involved, and today we have news on the achievements list along with the new maps.

Some recent gamplay videos have come to our attention showing off three maps in Black Ops 2, and these are known as Hijacked, Overflow and Express. Highlighting the leaked maps Tapescape mention Hijacked, which takes place on a luxury super yacht and this will involve plenty of action in close quarters. Overflow is set in the urban streets of Peshwar, Pakistan, and Express revolves around a Los Angeles bullet train station. Offering a link to see these, there is also an Xbox 360 achievements list, as we don’t want to spoil anything for those of you wanting to savor the moment, we also suggest so those wanting to check this out head over to the Tapescape website.

In more relevant reports, Shack News mentions some information that PC owners may feel they need to know prior to the game’s release. It seems that Activision are detailing some security measures, matchmaking, and servers for all those concerned, and this involves their proprietary server-side anti-cheat technology, which promises to be more productive when it comes to player reporting. This means players won’t be able to rent servers themselves, along with no support for mod tools, as they continue to enhance their own in-house tools they are unable to provide consumer tools.

This comes down to technology dependencies, licensing restrictions and technical requirements according to their blog. Last Friday we wrote about some more unannounced multiplayer features and content in Black Ops 2, and this highlighted two different survival modes known as “Grief and Tranzit,” with more emphasis on Tranzit, which has been seen in a reveal trailer. Are you wishing this month away in anticipation for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?

  • exCODPlayer

    Great News from Treyarch/Activision….No dedis for rent….No Mod tools….No Lan….I guess they could care less about the PC anymore….
    I will be keeping my money….
    BF3 and MOH is the only way to go on PC now….

  • Cara

    Lying about dedi’s till one month before the game launches…. they can keep their game, I won’t be buying another COD game, and I’ve been a die-hard fan.

  • Aron

    As bad as MW2 was in terms of the perks, the core of the game was good. I feel the series died at MW2; but in essence, I feel the series died when the old IW left Activision. Looking forward to Respawn Entertainment’s first release AKA Old Infinity Ward, AKA people that made the franchise, AKA people that made CoD4.