Rule FIFA 13 and customize opponents AI

FIFA 13 has so much to offer not only the season professional amongst us, but also the newcomers and casual gamers needing some help in getting started. A feature that allows players to customize their opponents AI is ideal for those who want to take some of their competitive and human elements away, and tamper with allsorts of ways to gain advantage when it comes to the way your opponents play.

Apparently, there is a page lurking in the menu that will allow you to change how the AI performs with everything from increasing their tendency to make mistakes to decreasing player speed by half. For those new to the game this is an ideal way of building up and progressing through FIFA 13, although this will take away some of the realism that this title is promoting. In an article on CVG, they give their readers some insight into dominating the game with useful tips, but those who have already explored FIFA 13 for any amount of time will find there are no real surprises involved.

Helpful tips like passing speed being a prominent way of beating the opposition are mentioned along certain players that are more likely to score from outside the box. A useful tip for the one-two passing for anyone who doesn’t know is by holding LB, and this will let your player make a run after passing, which is ideal for splitting the defense and dragging players out of position. The oblivious lob feature is great once you see the goalkeeper off his line, but going one-to-one with the keeper is harder in FIFA 13, so more emphasis is put on squaring the ball for an easier tap in or open shot.

In other news, Rant Gaming looks at both FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 13 comparing the competition, and why this contest is so apparent these days. For arguments sake lets say football is the most popular sport in the world with rivalries going on all over the continent, and with this in mind surely that spirit of soccer fans must reflect on the video games that revolve around the sport. There have been many additions to this football as far as video games are concerned, yet Pro Evo and FIFA are at the top as the biggest selling franchises, and the competition even rivals the two poster boys Messi and Ronaldo.

It is probably harder to say which footballer is better, than which game, as FIFA has seemed to have the edge in recent years, although we love the consistent competitiveness that Pro Evolution Soccer brings to the table. Some may feel that PES has a bond with those who feel it is more like real football, but we suggest that the facts speak for themselves and FIFA may have a following that cannot see past this franchise, even if they both have great attributes that benefit the world of football games.

When it comes to certain franchises, there are many gamers out there that do not agree with yearly iterations, although games like FIFA and PES are promoted, not only to produce more enhancements each term but also the fact that players, teams, kits and leagues change every season. The funny old game is constantly producing news and people like their sports games to reflect this. In our previous post, we wrote about the success of FIFA 13 amplifying the present craze and one million sales in the first week is not bad going for a title based on just football. We suggested that this is now more of a craze among football gamers, with FIFA 13 at number 1 in the UK, and PES 2013 in fifth.

With Konami setting up a PES company in England, this could be this ideal location to build on their European market and their Champions League license is a great draw. With more licenses in general, Pro Evolution Soccer games should continue to deliver stiff competition for the FIFA franchise, (which is still not delivering full games due to certain licensing issues). What do you feel are the main differences that tell the two franchises apart?