Unlikely Kinect and Toyota Smart Insect implementation

Car manufacturers are always trying to push the boundaries with the implementation of different technology in order to stay ahead of rivals, but Toyota’s latest idea seems to be a step too far – currently anyway. The Japanese carmaker has designed a concept called the Smart Insect and has come up with the plan to incorporate Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor.

If the concept ever went into production then the Kinect sensor used for the Xbox 360 would help to recognize the owner of the vehicle by scanning their face and body. There are many ways where this could benefit the driver, as details could be stored for each driver, so the moment they approach the car the door could open (through voice control) and settings in the car could automatically adjust to a particular driver.

The Toyota Smart Insect concept would not only have the ability to utilize technology enjoyed by gamers but also smartphone users as well, because the use of an app could also help control certain functions, such as adjusting air conditioning and also the entertainment system. Let’s just hope that Toyota doesn’t get any funny ideas and try to come up with a steering wheel-less vehicle and rely on motion gestures instead.

Although this is a novel idea it’s not known how such features would be incorporated, that’s if the project will ever happen. We have seen so often that such concepts never make it past this first few stages and into production. However, this is one conception that we would love to see go to the next step.

The use of motion technology has certainly grabbed our attention, and while a majority of gamers have not embraced the Kinect as Microsoft would have hoped, it has gained support in many other industries. We have already seen the medical industry make use of motion sensing technology because of the added hygiene benefit, and also smart TVs have also embraced the technology, although you do have to pay the price.

This could be a reason why the Toyota Smart Insect might never enter production because what should be an inexpensive vehicle could increase in price because of the implementation of Kinect and other technology.