Xbox 720 security now a priority due to leaks

In recent months Microsoft has seen a number of their details in regards to their next-gen console being leaked, as a result they have announced a number of measures in order to improve security so that we are unable to learn plans of the Xbox 720. These new measures are to begin next month and will be a level of security not seen at the Redmond campus before.

It’s no surprise that Microsoft would want to tighten up security so that employees will have limited access and the development will also be limited to just four key buildings. It’s been reported that Microsoft has been too trusting in the past because there was always an open access, but it’s obvious that things need to change as the development begins to move up a gear.

The most recent leak was that document that contained 56 pages of information for the next Xbox console, which outlined many aspects of the next-gen console, although we’re still not certain how much of these details were actually correct. Either way security needs to tighten up because they do not wish the likes of Sony to be able to gain an insight as to the direction they will be going in with the Xbox 720.

It’s currently not known what the release date for the next Xbox will be, but the most recent suggestion is the Fall 2013. Then there is the hardware aspect because even though we have had a number of rumors in regards to the specs, most of these will need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, you can be certain that it will pack more punch than the upcoming Wii U, but we’re not sure how the Xbox 720 (if that will be its name) will stack up against the PS4.

The most recent rumor has suggested that we could see fully-fledged immersion with the next Xbox thanks to electromyography technology, but this seems highly unlikely, much like many other rumors we have come to expect with Microsoft’s next console.

We can’t be certain when Microsoft will make an announcement, but there are two possible options, either at CES 2013 or E3. When do you think will be the best time for Microsoft to unveil their next Xbox, and what are your expectation in way of features?