FIFA 13: Incompatibility a probable cause for crashes

There’s no denying the popularity of FIFA 13, so much so that it has broken records and also hit the number one spot thanks to some impressive sales. However, as with most games they do experience a setback or two after release, and the latest title from EA is no exception.

EA knew that there were issues when they were being contacted by users and have since begun an investigation into what is causing the PC version to crash. However, we’re also told that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are also having issues as well. As for the PC version the game has been freezing upon start up, whereas on the console the crashes occur during Career Mode.

Don’t think for one moment that EA are taking these issues lightly, because they have already resolved an issue in the early hours of the morning due to connection stability while playing in Seasons mode. However, they still have more work to do in order to rectify the other two issues.

There are temporary fixes for the two issues; for the console versions of FIFA 13 you might consider removing the free agents that are in your customized squad. As for the PC version you might want to consider making a minor change to the read-only file, by editing it to ‘replay0.bin’ could offer a resolution. However, we cannot guarantee that these changes will work for all, so it’s down to you if you wish to go ahead or not.

A member of the EA support team has commented on the EA Forum saying that while he had no issues playing FIFA 13 on his PC at work he did on his one at home. Now we cannot be certain on this but hardware incompatibility could be a probable cause. Some gamers have tried to uninstall and then reinstall the game hoping that it will resolve the issue, but are not having any luck.

There are even those who have gone to the extreme measure of formatting their PCs, but we would not advise you do this, as it’s a little drastic. We know that the team is working hard on a fix for these FIFA 13 crashes, but it’s not good when you consider that there wasn’t an issue with the demo version.

Have you been experiencing any issue with FIFA 13 on any of the platforms, and if so have you managed to resolve them on your own?

  • tremborg

    game crashes every time i load my saved career mode. I am using the PC version.

    • Swarnim Agrawal

      same here

    • Kiran

      same …

  • luke

    freezing in career mode on may30th trying to buy my loaned players via option to buy. on xbox also match making in season mode not letting me find players

    • rk

      same day for me

    • marlon

      I have the exact same problem, same day as well, for the career mode. I play on PS3 though.

  • James

    In seasons mode either wont connect to an opponent or when it does cancels just before the start of the match. On Xbox 360. Not happy.

  • kev

    Freezing xbox on seasons mode, I click “play season match” it starts to load then whole xbox freezes up, it was working fine the other day as I’ve already played a few seasons games, any ideas on fixing this issue?

  • shaun

    Im in the 4th season on career mode its in october im playing celtic in the cl and im arsenal on the ps3 uk and its freezing after i play the match or sim the match. I have to turn off my ps3 by the powerbutton it cant be good for my new ps3. Please sort soon

  • Matt

    Crashes when I try to load any manager mode career and now starts crashing on games in player mode. Before it crashes in player mode, the lineup for the game changes and all players are not in their natural positions.
    These crashes only occur when connected to the ea servers.

    • Matt

      Correction, player career now crashes offline, with the lineup again changing. So my player career is unplayable beyond 12th January. Crashes to black screen when I try to load match and tv then says no video.
      Anyone else experiencing this?

      • Mozza

        I get the same with my career. My team sold a midfielder, then moved my virtual pro (striker) to left midfield and put the reserve GK up front. when i try to advance from here and play the next match, it crashes. have reloaded many timea and always the same.

      • Stephen Ruane

        I am experiencing the exact same problem, on the PS3.

        I can be signed into the PSN alone and it’ll work fine. However, if I’m connected to the EA servers, then my whole system freezes!

        I have contacted EA about this problem, but as you can imagine, I have yet to receive any contact from them about this problem.

  • Matthew Griffin

    crash when changing team in seasons!!

  • IanEdgar

    On xbox. When I try to open career mode, it freezes the whole machine.

    • IanEdgar

      First season, player and manager…

  • J

    When I edit my player on career it says I have been added to tranfer list im pissed i didnt pay 60 plus tax for the game to break in not even a full month.


    Crashes before offline match starts and returns to desktop on FIFA 13 PC, just after seeing the teams and clicking advance. did every solution (uninstall and installing again changing settings) need help