Mass Effect 3 exploits resolution with latest patch

Allsorts of fixes are expected with the upcoming Mass Effect 3 patch, which includes rectifying exploits as well as gameplay balances. The large patch is expected tomorrow, Thursday the 4th of October and plenty of changes are on the cards, which will affect multiplayer powers and enemy behaviors.

The issues that have been documented are things like the ability to grab Geth Pyros over cover and Banshees being stuck in a teleport routine, and a recent report by Joystiq highlights not only the size of this anticipated patch but also a link to get a full list of the changes. Apparently, many game crashing issues have been addressed that involve everything from a nasty Bionic Charge glitch that has been known to make the match unplayable to a redesign of the Singularity power.

Informing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners that they will be automatically prompted to install the patch, Joystiq also mentions PC users, who will be required to manually install the update through Origin. Those of you interested in the full list of changes would be wise to check out the Bioware social network site through the link to get all the information you need.

In other Mass Effect news, Gamenguide report on a Mass Effect Trilogy bundle that has been recently announced by Bioware. This will contain some of the DLC, although how much is depicted by the platform you buy the game on, according to an article on Eurogamer. Apparently, PC gamers are looking at the better end of this deal with additions like Mass Effect 1’s Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station add-ons in the game itself. The Mass Effect 2 title will include Cerberus Network DLC and the teammate Zaeed Massani, along with some extra weapons and missions.

With Mass Effect 3, an online pass will offered to PC users and those owning the Xbox 360 will find that none of the original Mass Effect DLC will be included, although ME2’s Cerberus Network content will be available with a ME3 online pass. When it comes to the PlayStation 3 owners nothing has been divulged yet, but Bioware has promised information on this will follow shortly, additionally the release date has been changed to the 6th of November in the US for both Xbox 360 and PC.

Those enquiring about the PS3 version will still be in the dark until Bioware or EA make relevant announcements, and it seems that the bundle is accessible for $59.99, so do you feel this is a fair price? In other ME3 related news, we thought it would be ideal to highlight last months post on the Wii U eye candy for the game, which is a good way to check out what it looks like on this console and whether Mass Effect 3 is worth getting as part of the launch. Do you think titles like ME3 will bring more attention to the Wii U?