NBA 2K13 issues increase, no fix yet

Even though NBA 2K13 has been getting some decent review scores, it does not mean that things are perfect for the latest game in the franchise. A number of players have been reporting a number of issues, with some saying that one is similar to what we have seen from previous versions. We do know that 2K Sports are aware of the issue because a thread has now been started on their forum, but as yet there is no indication of a fix.

One of the issues is in relation to the offline Association mode because after playing a game the virtual currency will not save. The saved data is meant to connect with the online server in order to keep tally, so as you can imagine this has become very frustrating for those who have been affected. There’s also said to be an issue with the game freezing on the Xbox 360 version while playing in Association mode.

There was also another issue with the 360 version after downloading the All Star Weekend DLC, as the Career mode has been freezing for some gamers. Again all parties are aware of the issue and are now working on resolving it as well. The final bug that we are currently aware of is with the instant play option, as there have been suggestions that this option is a little buggy. However, players are not certain if the developers have made changes to this option to make it behave differently, or if this is yet another bug to add to the growing list?

While this is not great to have these issues, you should not let that cloud your judgment when considering purchasing the game because there is a general feeling that NBA 2K13 is the best from the franchise yet and probably one of the best sporting titles as well – although that’s down to personal tastes.

There’s a great video that helps to explain the technology behind the game and it’s easy to see that it must have been a lot of fun while going though the motion capture process, which you can see below.

Speaking of other sporting titles, FIFA 13 is also experiencing some issues with not only the PC version by also the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions as well. However, we would like to point out that the latter is a separate issue to the one affecting the two consoles.


  • Shawn

    When are they going to fix it

  • Flight300

    yup game crashes after my career match..! went and got another one n did the same thing. Game is FIRE tho!

  • ˈvɜːrtʃuː

    did the same to me after every career match smh the game is sweet dont get me wrong but i need this to be fixed !

  • robz

    same thing, does anyone know when they’ll have it fixed

  • sam

    Games freezing after almost every career game. made it through 2 games but its completely random when it does work. This NEEDS to get fixed

  • tay

    Mines is doing the same thing freezing after every career game, when will they get this fixed?

  • JaceTheAce

    are they going to fix the nba2k13?

  • ed

    Mine keeps freezing after career games to for Xbox 360 when is this gonna be fixed cuz there’s no point of playing the game then

  • xTGx Alpha

    I cant even get past the 1st game in the regular season.I played the 1st game like 12 times by now.It’s killing me!!!!

  • charles

    my 2k13 wont save anything whats wrong??

  • Laren


  • Phill

    They should recognize that many people DO NOT HAVE POSSIBILITY to connect to XBOX LIVE through their consoles directly. That’s why 2Ksports should release a patch to download without using XBOX LIVE.

  • Liz Scott

    my game keep freezing on Ps3 this is some bullshit 2ksports

    • kryptic_dub_king

      Same, PS3 freezes anytime I even TRY to access online mode. Menu will freeze as soon as it comes up EVERY TIME!!!

  • martez

    2k13 need to get fix so i can unlock achievements.

  • martez

    i bought two NBA 2k13 and still don’t work on career.

  • Kaleb

    While I am playing a game it will tell me that I disconnected from Xbox live even though I haven’t and after completing that game it clears all my coins and wont give me more. When this happens even if I save my career when I come back it resets everything back to before the Xbox live “disconnected”…

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • bdot

    my game kicks me out of team up mode every time. Please fix this issue 2k, wtf??????

  • mrlove2kbball

    2k I like the game but can you please make it next year in the online Association mode where more than on person can be on a team. I have 5 ppl in my on line league and we all picked different teams. We hate it!!!! The reason why I say this be for we all played in the offline mode for years and we all was on the same team. We built a dynasty and it was the funniest game ever. Please on 2k14 can you make the online mode like the offline mode its just sooooo much better. Me and my friends really don’t like the my player because we cant play with each other. What if we all was rookies and on the same team. I think a lot of ppl think the way we do. If you don’t change it in ther online association mode then can you change it in the my player. Offline association is the best thing nba2k has ever came out with and that why I have bought all the basketball games since you guys was on dreamcast. Last but not lease in offline mode you can change ppl on your team shoes, headbands, sox’s, and other gear. I think I speak for 2k nation when I say we are so tired of our team wearing generic shoes can you please change that as well. Really just take the whole offline Association and make it the online  Association.  Also if you come out with a nfl2k can you do the same thing on it. Thank you.

  • Gamer101

    My game crashes in the middle of the game. Please fix asap!