Ultimate iPhone 5 cases for the gamer

One of the reasons we loved our iPhone in the past was because the weight of the device seemed to make it feel much better while gaming, although after sometime it would become uncomfortable to hold. The new iPhone 5 certainly feels very different to hold because of its change in size and weight, but a case is still needed in order to enjoy playing games for long periods of time.

A couple of days ago we looked at tough cases for the iPhone 5, so now we thought we would look at some of the more obvious iPhone 5 covers for the gamer in mind. The best materiel is always going to be rubber or flexible silicone because it offers more grip than plastic or leather so the Belkin Flex Case is certainly worth your consideration.

Although this is one of the more basic cases when compared to the CandyShell Grip, it’s ideal for those who will be holding their latest Apple smartphone in their hands for long periods of time. Let’s say you have been playing a certain game for 20 to 30 minutes, in most cases (sorry for the pun) your hands will become sweaty and could lose grip of your phone, but the flexible silicone sleeve construction will allow you to maintain a much better grip for longer. Expect to pay $20 for the Belkin Flex iPhone 5 case.

Next up we have the Bubble Design Silicone case for the new iPhone, and what we like about this one is not just how flexible it is but also the choice in funky colors – more ideal for teenage girls. There is a choice of 7 colors in all and is said to be very easy to get on and off because of its flexible silicone material.

While we await a manufacturer to release an iPhone 5 with handles to make gaming much easier our final case we wanted to mention is the Gear4 JumpSuit Tread. Okay, we know that cases like these will hide away the beauty of the iPhone 5, but the Durable silicone construction will not only help protect your new device but also make it easier to hold for long periods of time, but also add hardly any extra weight to your new iPhone either.

Which iPhone 5 case have you chosen to make it simpler to hold while playing a game?