Battlefield 3 enhancement mod makes enemies more visible

A Battlefield 3 enhancement mod which makes enemies more visible has been released by players to get an edge over their opponent, apparently it looks similar to Battlefield 1943, but DICE are not impressed with this and regard it as a hack. Those using it could be looking at permanent ban unless they create another account, so this is a warning to players that implement this.

According to a twitter account, gameplay designer Gustav Halling remarks on how colorful this is, in fact so much so that he issues a warning to those hacks that do not want to end up with a permanent ban on their account. Some gamers are wondering what all the fuss is about considering it is only a color mod, but the fact that this could be used in a competitive game to get an advantage is viewed as cheating.

Others feel that this is killing the fun of BF3 and a bit of color in an FPS is quite refreshing, especially when you watch a video of the color mod and realize how dull this game is. Many regard it as an improvement that DICE doesn’t not entertain and a permanent ban is a bit harsh for what is essentially a bit of extra color, even though the mod does make enemies more visible. Personally, it seems as if many gamers like myself are getting bored with these grey, brown and yellow contrasts and want more vibrant colors in their games, as this can become quite depressing after a while.

On a lighter note, mention the new teaser for the next Battlefield 3 expansion and Aftermath is looking pretty good. Although this is only a teaser, you get to see a bit of the earthquake that hits Iran, along with captions promising a new game mode along with new maps and vehicles. In addition, last week we wrote about the broad availability of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill adding to the excitement of PS3, Xbox 360 and PC users that can now obtain this expansion without having to subscribe to the Premium package.

In our most recent Battlefield 3 post, we mentioned developer DICE looking to work on Android and iOS Frostbite games and this news comes via a job listing giving us reason to believe a Battlefield title could be on the cards. Returning to the source of this article, what is your view of those getting permanent bans for using the color mod. Do you think it is a tad extreme?