FIFA 13 glitch and crash timeline ridicules quality control

Just yesterday we learned of the issues that have bombarded FIFA 13 players and with no fix in site it’s understandable that fans are feeling a little disappointed with EA. The situation is much worse when you take a look at a glitch and crash timeline, because it’s clear to see that EA’s quality control has come into question.

On the outside it would seem that EA will not let anything get in their way when it comes to releasing a new FIFA title in September each year, and the list of complaints seems to bolster that view. Even before FIFA 13 was released there were several issues in the build-up – surely this should have set off a few alarm bells?

It’s a shame really because this is the biggest FIFA launch ever with more than 5 million copies been sold so far, so how come things have got this bad? Okay, we can understand that there will always be issues with a new title (just as it was with FIFA 12) but the list of complaints is on a much larger scale than ever.

Things started going bad for FIFA 13 on September 19th when EA launched Ultimate Team web app because some users managed to find an exploit, as a result the service had to be taken down on the 20th for a day. Then a day later Season Ticket pass holders were able to get hold of the game early, which is when the first reports of freezing begun.

Then on September 25th (the official US launch day) complaints of the game freezing explodes, as well as the PC version crashing as well, four days later FIFA points has issues with them not being credited correctly. Just a day later users started to share ideas on how to resolve the crashing issue, but this only works for some. The thing that has baffled us is why EA has yet to comment on this barrage of problems and has been left down to the fans to try and come up with some sort of resolution for now.

Do you believe that these latest issues are as bad as made out, although it’s hard to ignore the number of issues that have hindered the game before and after its release?

  • puri

    My fifa game crashes when i click start match on the pc.

  • EAsuck

    my FIFA doesnt even start and the error message is simply “APP CRASH”.. I preordered to get playing this game and a week later still cant get on it.. the support staff are utterly useless, no help from them whatsoever and the information on the forums is all hearsay and completely useless stuff that you could try yourself with a bit of common sense.. Never again

  • brad

    just started my second season in cm and keeps freezing when i go to buy or sell players.. its very annoying and spending £40 quid on a game you hope to be able to play it without no problems. im sure PES are laughing now

  • lukeage

    just start signing my on loan players and freezes straight after trying to accept there deals. spoken to ea twice handed the info on to there dev team which are still proberly on break because there has been no solution since 1st of october and they have even started deleting questions on there own forum since i last checked to hide some of the issues. so they havent even testing the game before hand. plus match making doesnt find oppents so cant even play online till career is fixed. thanks EA

  • Ellioy

    My FIFA game will play alright for about 15mins and then will crash saying can’t read disk, got a different disk because thought it may be that and no its still doing it, and now its saying unable to verify disk -_- spent £40 on a game for nothing -_-

  • Storm5

    I have struggled to play online season matches since purchase. The game freezes at various points, I have never had to reset my X box like this in all the years of ownership. Its far worse than Fifa12, Its actually very fustrating to purchase something that clearly is not fit for purpose at the moment (breach of sales Act anyone!!). They should release games when they are truely ready of the market, or at least fix issues quicker.

  • Steven Crawford

    fifa 13 crashes all the time wtf ?? £50 for a game that dont work !! exellent

  • Steven Crawford

    sort it out EA ffs or ill switch to pro evo lol

  • Rhys

    I have contacted watchdog bbc because it getting beyond a joke now sent about 10 emails an spoke to countless advisors an no reply

  • Amy

    This may not help a lot of people, but if you are wanting to play don’t connect to the to Xbox live. You can’t play online, but you can continue with career and stuff, been helping my bf

  • mark

    fed up of this it seems to be every year

  • Suvat

    I have just sold players with values of over 64,000 coins and I have another 200,000 estimate waiting. But the stupid glitch has sold my players, without giving me the value that was paid for them and with the 200,000 in a similar situation I’m worried I wont’ get any of the money I deserved.

  • Richie

    I pre-ordered the title to arrive day of release, I can’t load anything previously saved without the game freezing, added to the fact my broadband has slowed recently and online gaming isn’t possible I’m left with F.U.T and ‘skill games’, which unfortunately I don’t have the time and patience for. What a waste of £50