Latest Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 comment bewilders

If you’re like us we visit the Twitter account of Peter Hines each day in the hope of learning something worthwhile, and while the latest tweets have not offered any insight into the release of Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3, it seems that no mater what Hines posts his comment will not be greeted well and a barrage of questions ensues.

His latest tweet seemed to anger many PlayStation 3 users, because he was asked if Bethesda should have offered Microsoft exclusivity for the DLC following the issues that the PS3 has had with Skyrim in the past. His answer was short but got peoples attention; he simply said, “In hindsight, it didn’t matter.”

Hines did elaborate on this saying it didn’t matter to the release of Dawnguard on the PS3. It’s clear to see that no malice was intended. He just meant that the deal Bethesda has with Microsoft has no impact on the issues they currently have with the PS3? Do you think it would be fair to penalize Xbox 360 users, I own the PS3 version of Skyrim and even I believe that this would be unfair?

The resentment towards Bethesda seems to increase on a daily basis and for good reason, and when Hine comes out with short answers to people’s comments you can understand the anger. Another of his tweets was, “Still working on it. We haven’t give up yet.” Okay, we can understand that Hines is just the PR guy but surly he should offer more than that?

What we have also noticed with Hines’s latest comments is how it went from trying to resolve the issue with just Dawnguard to all Skyrim DLC, although we pretty much already knew this to be the case. However, it does show that they are no closer to a resolution because if they were then they would want to inform PS3 users of the fact. Currently Bethesda has no deadline on when they would give up trying to get Skyrim DLC to run on Sony’s console, but they have said they are far from exhausting all the options.

Can you see that Bethesda will ever be able to offer Skyrim DLC for the PS3 and if not are they obliged to offer any kind of goodwill gesture to them, maybe a discount for a future game etc?

  • Anthony Winslow

    It’s terrible! I love bethesda and all of there games from last 6-7 years but what they have done on the ps3 is now way beyond any excuse. I literally traded in my ps3 for another xbox last year soley because of skyrim (the game i waited 5 years for!) It was and still is a buggy mess and unplayable and now all this! I truely feel sorry for all ps3 owners but id either get it on pc or xbox because i truely do not think they are even capable of fixing over the massive crater of a mess they createdon the console from the start! It never properly worked and never will! So bad for a company this size in this day and age! People desevre something and you would of thought a simple answer would be the very mininum!

  • David Goichman

    I announce Bethesda as the worst company of the year !

    • Kim

      Nah, that’s still EA. Since the dawn of time.

      • Shayne

        EA ruined Bioware and probably killed DA just as they did ME! EA’s the worst company EVER, but Bethesda comes in second.

  • Jeffol

    Dude, sorry but.. Typo much?
    I counted 3 of them in this small article and I’m dutch!
    But yeah, totally agree.
    What the hell are the issues?
    The game itself worked, didn’t it?
    And how about the Fallout games?
    They worked fine, including the DLCs.
    What could possibly be such an issue that they can’t fix it?

  • RC

    Screw Bethesda! Screw Bethesda! Say it with me guys. lol, this is just stupid now pete.

  • tomtom

    to penalize xbox players would be unfair, i’m a ps3 player and i’m just waiting patiently instead of wasting my life away with hateful comments :3 you all should do the same

    • TwinStripeUK

      tomtom, you are WAY too sensible to be on here – I demand some hateful comments! Good for you being patient, although to be perfectly honest it’s not looking good – some of the bugs in the ‘working’ Dawnguard and Hearthfire are game killers, so what they’re facing on the PS3 must be horrendous!

  • someone

    microsoft didnt have to pay for 30 day exclusive for 360 since PS3 version still didnt get the DLC after more than 3 month i assume…

  • Frederick Lebanon

    Im sure that bethesda will have a solution for dawnguard we should couple more weeks to see.. We really want Dawnguard out !

  • Kim

    He should tell the community what the issue is, and then allow users to fix it.

  • Diz

    Chill people its DLC, its not the end of the world. Your lucky if you get DLC, did you buy the game purely for the DLC? I assume not as if you bought a game just for a bit of DLC then you should be shot.

    • spiritreaver

      Dragon bone weapons, ammo crafting, crossbows, face changer, werewolf perk tree; just some of what should have been a part of the base Skyrim game. And also happens to be content locked behind Dawnguard. And according to Tweet Hines, if(and its really almost assured that PS3 WON’T be getting ANY DLC) PS3 doesn’t get a Dawnguard release, the above mentioned content won’t be making to the PS3 at all.

      So yeah, not the end of the world. But toss in mess that is the latest patch and the probable cessation of support for the PS3 version of Skyrim, and i think it is pretty easy to get why PS3 users are angry.

      Also, don’t gloss over the fact that DLC was a selling point for Skyrim. PS3 customers were led to believe that DLC would be forthcoming to that platform just like the other two platforms(PC and Xbox 360).

    • Sunny

      Let me guess, you’re Pete’s apprentice. Your comment on DLCs was made by Pete too, only to rage the ire of PS3 owners. You have no idea how frustrating it feels to see your most favorite game not getting released on your console, and the creators not having the courtesy to spit out the truth. Next time, keep your rubbish comments to yourselves

  • Ale

    Why Sony put the newest games from BSthesda in Day 1, that is what i can´t understand? Will they guarantee future DLCs for this games?

  • Nick

    Re; Dawnguard. – The problem is I am not the biggest gamer around and I
    tend not to get over absorbed with games. The only games that got me by
    the curlies, where the Gran Tourismo series, Fight Night Champs Edish
    & most of all SKYRIM.

    I have restarted Skyrim 3 times, each time trying to find a way to make
    the game last a little longer without completing the main storyline. I
    have been playing on and off since the game came out on PS3.

    I have also been checking for Dawnguard since it was first whispered we
    would get a DLC and I still check everyday for news. “I am practically
    worn out now!” I have been looking at other RPG games, watching review
    after review hunting for an alternative game to play similar to Skyrim.
    Even brought Kingdoms of Amalur, which didn’t touch the sides lol! But
    nothing s a valid replacement for the freedom & beauty Skyrim gives
    (game-wise). Now I am having to start
    stomaching the idea of having to go out and buy an old Xbox 360,
    another copy of the game, pay for 2 DLC’s and restart my game all over
    again…….This does not sit well. I don’t want a bloody Xbox and I don’t
    want to start the game again…So on one hand thank you Bathesa for
    creating the best game I’ve ever played, but also “DAMN YOU FOR NOT
    WHEN IT WAS NEEDED!” The idea of a guy from Sony sending an email saying
    to Pete Hines “Yeah sure I’ll take a look and maybe pop in one arvo for
    lunch & a pint – even take a gander quickly at Dawnguard PS3!!!”.
    And then Bathesa saying they are working Sony when its more like someone
    popped in…..I mean what constitutes working a company…Reply to an email
    or sending a team of programmers…..I just need to know exactly the
    level of work going in to this and is it even likely we may get this
    sorted…I don’t want another Console!!!!!!

  • kai2

    1) Bethesda’s releases are buggy
    obvious that Bethesda doesn’t spend money in troubleshooting (did they just drop off the PS3 SKYRIM with Bobo The Chimp for a few hours? He works for bananas… and the disc could only have worked better with poo on it). Instead,
    they leave that to the consumer. If automakers did the same, we’d see
    hundreds of thousands of deaths on the road before a “fix.” Bad policy.

    2) Bethesda has a history of broken PS3 ports
    For many reasons — all with a President’s face on them — Bethesda chooses not to program/dev for PS3. Yet, they continue to
    release on PS3… often unplayable ports that get middling “fixes.” If they didn’t want to make a working product for PS3, why not stop releasing on PS3?

    3) Bethesda blames PS3 for SKYRIM issues
    Blaming hardware
    post-release is like blaming tennis shoes for not making you run fast. Bethesda had years to dev for PS3 and call off that release if
    not up to specs. They didn’t do that. Instead, they released (after 4
    year dev) and blamed PS3 RAM allocation. Huh? Bethesda had years
    pre-release to deal with this issue and offer a workaround; they simply

    4) Bethesda blames PS3 for dlc performance issues
    Again, were they asleep at the controls… for years? No, they just simply didn’t care. Now they’ve thrown up their hands in resignation and shifted the work… and blame… to Sony. So now you’re the kid who stole the chocolate. It’s smeared all over your mouth. Yet, when asked if you did it, you point to Sony. Classy Bethesda… real classy…

    5) Bethesda has a history of not fixing major PS3 game bugs
    OBLIVION GOTY. This game still requires trading two game discs
    (different versions!) mid-game in order to complete. How could Bethesda
    leave a game broken like this? Well, needing 2 discs often means 2
    sales… Hmmmmm… I wonder…?

    5) Bethesda has a long history in print
    and deals with Microsoft/XBOXEnough said. The love affair between
    Bethesda and Microsoft has been in print many times… ever since the
    Morrwind days where Todd Howard gushed. In and of itself not a problem,
    but in the light of the treatment of PS3, it’s a bit sickening.
    Bethesda doesn’t understand that they have (or had) a lot of fans on

    6) Instead of taking their lumps or calling a PS3 release off, Bethesda blames… the console… then even the fans
    Nice work Pete Hines et al. Bethesda is a terrible company. The PS3 is a very capable system;
    there’s a large library of amazingly complex games that often play as well as (or better than)
    XBOX (both are almost equal systems), but the PS3 is harder to code due to cell tech. Bethesda refuses
    to dev for PS3, blame technology and fans, and this is what happens…
    Slowly Bethesda is eroding their fanbase on PS3. Yes, that fanbase is
    smaller than XBOX, but it’s still sizable. From the quality of their
    work and their treatment of the fans, I will never buy a Bethesda
    ever again… and yes, I really was a fan. Goodbye SKYRIM… so long

    Playing DARK SOULS and DRAGON’S DOGMA now… thanks to your shenanigans! 😉

  • Gearhead27

    How about a ps3 exclusive on skyrim. Seeing as dawnguard is only working on xbox design a dlc for ps3 !!

  • Michael

    By this point I have pretty much given up waiting for bethesda, I made myself a new character for it coming out and managed to complete every quest and get it up to level 60 something, and still nothing has happened, I have no resentment towards bethesda and will still buy future games from them. But for now I have had to move on to other games, although I still think Bethesda is the best game creator, even if they get stuck fixing their content on a 6 year old sysytem that they have worked on many times before, and have experience with, and have Sony backing them up.

  • Pridesblood

    honestly guys, I own an Xbox and the dawnguard and hearthfire really arent much to be excited about. dawnguard is just an additional quest line that lets you become a vampire, which in all honestly isnt as amazing as it seems. Just letting you ps3 owners know that you really shouldnt get your hopes up for it bieng some huge expansion. its a minor addition that adds maybe 6-7 hours to the game. now im sure some people enjoy that but honestly i feel like ive wasted about 20 bucks just to play a hyped up pc mod. If your trading in your ps3s for xboxs id personally wait to see if they came out with any better DLC and if not then move to PC where the mods add so much more. No lie i played dawnguard for 10 hours and was done with both quest sides, even though i was expecting a huge addition (atleast as long as the main quest). And hearthfire is honestly a hyped up pc mod. its just building a house and adopting kids. nothing that adds any value to your gameplay because except for the ease of access for alot of small things, it really isnt a game changer at all.
    I guess what im trying to say is dont get overly excited, because it really isnt as great as they make it out to be. just a few small additions, nothing to rage at bethesda or spend your life waiting over. Its like if they added the companions again but they are vampires instead of werewolves and one of them has daddy issues….