New Minecraft Xbox 360 mode, items and fixes update

The success of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has been truly amazing, but it’s still a way behind the PC version. However, 4J Studios has been coming up with a few updates in order to make it a better experience for the players, and this latest one (coming soon) will not only bring a new mode but also a number of fixes and options as well.

One new addition to help improve Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is Creative Mode, which up until now has only been available for PC and mobile users. What this will mean to the player is that they will soon be able to create and crumble and not having to fear an attack. It’s also been said that players will also be able to fly and sprint as well.

The next XBLA Minecraft update will even allow those hosting a session to run through various options for Fire Spread, Host Privileges, Player Versus Player mode and also TNT Explodes. The new features don’t end there either, as there will be a host of new food items such as Chicken, Pumpkin, Melon and more.

4J Studios thought by offering new terrains will give players greater choice, there are four in all starting with Abandoned Mineshafts, but there’s also Ravines, Strongholds, and finally Villages. If you thought the update stopped there then you’d be wrong, as there’s a whole list of other features, which you can see here.

We assumed that the update would be ready to download now because 4J Studios have already handed it over to Microsoft. However, if they were to follow the same sort of schedule as update 1.7 then we’re looking at sometime early next week.

Minecraft is one of the most popular Indie games and releasing it on the Xbox further cemented its success, and more than four million downloads of the XBLA version is proof that such a game would be very welcome on the PS3. However, we wouldn’t hold our breath because there’s a slim chance of that happening.

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