Predicting iPad Mini gaming accessories

Ever since the first iPad was launched Apple came under increased pressure from their customers to release a Mini version, which intensified when smaller Android tablets begun to appear on the market. However, Steve Jobs maintained that he would never release an iPad Mini, yet here we are two years on and the idea of a smaller Apple tablet device seems more real than ever.

There will be those who will say that Apple is not the company they once were since the untimely passing of Steve Jobs, but others will prefer this new direction Apple are going in (give their Maps App a chance). It’s this change in direction that has made it very plausible for a new iPad Mini, and recent reports of invitations being sent out soon for its unveils further bolsters our belief that the smaller tablet is on its way.

If the rumors are correct and Apple does in fact release the iPad Mini then this could be a game changer for so many reasons, but it’s the gaming aspect that has us interested the most. If there is to be some sort of announcement soon then we don’t mind predicting some of the iPad Mini accessories with the gamer in mind.

While such mobile devices are never going to offer the same level of gaming compared to consoles because of them being touchscreen, you can’t take away the fact that these tablets have been such a huge success. Playing games with a touchscreen does make you feel a little detached from the game and limits you in what you can do, but we have seen from some of the current iPad accessories that it needn’t be that way.

The first couple will give you the old-school feeling because of the larger joystick control. The first iPad Mini accessory that we would love to see is the iCade, as it makes you feel as though you are playing on a miniature arcade cabinet. The accessory comes complete with the old-school joystick and six buttons, so you can button mash on an iPad after all.

If you still like the idea of a joystick but need a mobile option then the JOYSTICK-IT would have to be it. This has proved very popular on the current iPad, so no reason why it could not be adapted for the smaller version. If that one feels a little too imposing then maybe the Fling Analog Joystick would be a better option because it’s smaller and transparent, making it easier to see the entire screen.

We’re certain that the moment (if) Apple unveil the new iPad Mini then accessory manufactures will be working hard to get them made in time for the release date. The quickest and one of the more important accessories has to be the iPad case, because without them gaming would become very uncomfortable. One such case that we would like to see released first for the iPad Mini has to be the Incipio iPad 1337 case. This case is made from flexible silicone and comes with molded handgrips for your comfort while holding for long periods at a time. While this may not be perfect for all types of games, it’s ideal if you are into racing games. This is just one of a number of cases that we would like to see for the iPad Mini, along with a choice of other accessories as well.

What accessory would make the iPad Mini an even better portable gaming device, if it’s released of course?