WWE 13 roster inflates with upcoming DLC

October is certainly a great month when it comes to a diverse range of game releases, and right at the end of the month WWE 13 will be released, and for those who feel that the roster is not already bursting out at the seams, then you’ll be pleased to know that the WWE 13 roster will inflate with upcoming DLC.

Like all games from this franchise the DLC will arrive in stages, with the first expansion offering 21 new characters. There are 21 new fighters confirmed for the first expansion in both the Current and Attitude Era, names such as Antonio Cesaro, Natalya, Chainsaw Charlie and also Goldust. The complete list can be found here.

More content coming by way of DLC is to include Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock, Ministry Undertaker Attire, and also John Cena’s 2004 United States Spinner Title. We’d love to know what you think of these latest additions to the game and if you had the choice who and what would you like to see from future downloadable content?

It’s obvious that many of these characters will not be welcome by all players, so we would assume that they will be made available as separate downloads at a later date. Having said that, let’s wait until the game itself is released and see what the fans think and if THQ have managed to resolve some of the issues that WWE 12 suffered from.

We already know that the latest incarnation of the franchise will offer not only smoother graphics but also glossier as well. As a way to help promote WWE 13 THQ have grabbed our attention with a live-action press conference, which features CM Punk. One would have assumed that a fighter from the Attitude Era would have been used because this is the main focus of the new game.

We’re not too impressed with this TV ad because the style seems a little out of place, but what do you think?