Angry Birds Star Wars release coincides with toy range

Monday looks set to not only be a great day that will see a huge push for Toy’s R Us in the build up to the holiday season, but also within the app market as well, as we should learn details about an Angry Birds Star Wars release, which will coincide with a toy range as well. It certainly looks as though Lucasfilm are setting themselves up for a great Christmas period.

According to one source we will know more on Monday as well as the fact that Red Bird will have a starring role as Luke Skywalker. It seems that both companies don’t care what they do in order to make money, some people have now started to complain that the whole Angry Birds thing has had its day and should stop while it’s ahead.

The same could be said about Star Wars because Lucasfilm have certainly lowered their standards when it comes to their partnership deals, what was once a highly respectably franchise now seems like an escort selling themselves to the highest bidder – okay that seems a little harsh.

However, there is a reason why I said such a thing, how can you have Red Bird playing the role of Luke Skywalker (a Jedi Knight), because we know that the bird is fueled by anger and that anger will only lead to the Dark Side of the force. Maybe this is what the plan and both parties are in this for the long run, as we could see Red Bird becoming angrier and then becoming a Sith Lord instead?

It’s also believed that as well as the game and the toys there will also be other Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise, such as bedding, clothes and much more – pretty similar to other Angry Birds products then. It’s a shame that the Star Wars franchise has come down to this and not giving fans what they really want, such as the rumored TV series and also Battlefront 3.