Dishonored choices: Non-violent gameplay visualized

With just a few days to go until the release of Dishonored a new Non-violent gameplay has been visualized, which helps to show off the different choices that will be available to you. As with most games you have to follow a set of rules (such as Uncharted 3) but the Dishonored gameplay is very different because of the different paths you can take.

Below you will see a new Dishonored trailer, which is called Path to Revenge and is being showcased as being interactive. We wondered what they meant by this at first, but upon playing the video we then found out, and have to say thought what a great way to market the game and the freedom of choice that will be available to you within the game.

The video begins like most other trailers by trying to build up the suspense, but then it stops and asks what would you do, you then have three choices available to you, I chose sneak. This then lead to another choice once you approach a guard so we selected observe, which meant that our hero just put one of the guards to sleep. Certainly makes a change to taking a violent approach.

This interactive video certainly goes on for sometime and feels as though you are actually playing the game because of the choices that are being asked of you. It’s these kinds of choices that will help increase the Dishonored length considerable. It’s safe to say that if you made the easy choices then the gameplay would not last very long, but by choosing the stealthy approach many more options will open up to you, as we found out in the Dishonored trailer below.

We’re not sure how long this interactive trailer will go on for, but we’re betting that it will be for a long while. We have to say that this is an awesome way to help increase awareness of Dishonored and how it doesn’t wish to follow the rules that so many other titles seem to follow.

If you would much rather a more hands-on approach then you can choose to go on the attack, but beware because all hell will then break lose. For those who take such an approach would be able to progress far better in the game if you purchase the Dishonored Acrobatic Killer Pack, which is just one of a selection of DLC that will be available to you.

Do you believe that this game looks fantastic and would be worth giving it a try?