Early Hitman Absolution review: Stylish yet brutal

Stealth game Hitman Absolution will be the fifth installment in the series and according the developers this title will be more accessible and easier to play, even though it is said to retain hardcore elements that will please many fans of the franchise. Hitman: Absolution releases on the 20th of November and prior to it dropping, we are interested in an early review.

Apparently, it is viewed to be stylish yet brutal and some feel it may not be as big as expected, although it is an ambitious attempt. Delving into the Hitman Absolution gameplay the director of this aspect divulges how far this game has come with the help of the Glacier 2 engine that allows something that took up to 15 minutes like moving furniture now only taking seconds. In an early review of Hitman Absolution, CVG highlight how the levels are smaller yet the amount of content involved in each scene makes up for the reduction.

For all those concerned they stress that this has not turned into an action game and it is not completely linear. Although the reduction in the size of the levels is a result of how far the Glacier 2’s extraordinary fidelity has pushed the boundaries of current gen consoles, in fact they feel that this engine has taken them to the limits. With no overall rating given we would be interested in a Hitman Absolution Metacritic score for such a highly anticipated game, as CVG feel this is a brilliant and replayable, stylish yet brutal game, even though you get the impression that the next gen consoles are now required.

As they continue to mention the Hitman Absolution features, the animation is classed as impressive and improved realism is experienced throughout, along with rewards for executing a stage in a skillful manner. Those wanting a difficulty breakdown of the game will find information on these modes listed on the Video Gamer website and it seems like they have been designed to suit all varied play styles.

To see the Hitman Absolution gameplay in action check out the informative 18 minute video below which shows an in-depth look at the Contracts being played and narrated. Are you expecting to start on the easy level and work your way up? Do you think that titles like this will give gamers more reason to get excited about the future concerning next generation consoles?