Halo 4: Meltdown map gameplay trailer released prematurely

The excitement level for the Halo 4 release is about to move up a gear because there’s just one month to go, so you can understand why fans will want to learn any piece of new information in regards to the game. However, we’re pretty shocked that the likes of N4G would leak the new Halo 4: Meltdown map gameplay prematurely.

We have embedding the video of the Meltdown map below, so we’re interested to know what you think? The design of Halo 4: Meltdown looks pretty good because of the places you can run to on foot, but this gameplay video is fast paced and does not allow you enough time to take in all what is going on. Having paused the video at key moments it does help to provide you with more insight.

Let’s hope that IGN release the new trailer soon because it will be awesome to get a description of what’s going on, along with how big the Metldown map is. Having said that, we can see a series of tunnels, which will be perfect for you to run through, along with bases that are just waiting to be infiltrated. We do love the new vehicle though, but it does remind us a little of Wipeout.

Over the past few weeks and months we have covered many aspects of the new game from 343i, such as the Halo 4 weapons and Halo 4 assassinations takedowns. However, it’s the DLC with its 50 new missions that grabbed our interest back in July.

The Halo 4 countdown has now begun because once we have got this month out of the way we know that it will just be a few days into November, then we’ll be able to see if the wait has been worth it. However, the one issue will be that the Halo 4 release date is on the same day as the 2012 Presidential Elections, do you vote or lose yourself in the game?

343i has recently made the Halo 4 Flood Mode medal list available along with images of them as well. You can view them here, along with information in regards to this new mode as well.