Negative Resident Evil 6 reviews, a trend of negativity

The negative Resident Evil 6 reviews just keep coming in because of the direction that Capcom have gone in, which is more action based than it ever used to be. The hardcore fans miss the horror element that defined the franchise, while the newcomers seem to like the mix of the two. It’s hard to take notice of these negative reviews when you see that the game has shifted almost 5 million copies already.

Because the Resident Evil 6 Metacritic scores are a little on the low side there have been suggestions that there is no hope left for the franchise, but is it really bad as all that? There are so many ideas left, such as a reboot like what is being done with Tomb Raider. We all know how great the RE franchise was back when it was first launched back in 1996 on the original PlayStation, but those days have gone and we have to move on.

The magic was found once more with Resident Evil 4, but lost its way again with RE5, so it was hoped that by bringing in more Resident Evil 6 characters and trying to appeal to both the hardcore fans and the newbie’s a common ground would be achieved. There’s a feeling with this latest incarnation of the franchise that Capcom are trying far too hard when it comes to the creatures that try to attack you, back in the day you had just your standard zombie’s who could not run after you, but you still felt the threat was there. With the new game the creatures are far more intense, but the tension seems to be missing – maybe the number of games out there now offering a zombies theme has something to do with this?

One of the issues we have with this latest version of Resident Evil is how they have taken what was once a horror title and tried to give it a more universal feel, just to appeal to a wider audience. I might be going out on a limb here but you don’t get a sports game like FIFA 13 or NBA 2K13 trying to appeal to a different audience, as they know whom they wish to appeal to. Okay, these games are a poor example, but you get the idea.

The Resident Evil 6 ending has also come into question because it feels a lot like we experienced in RE5. We do not wish to spoil things for you, so would much rather you read more on the ending here.

Do you feel that Resident Evil 6 deserves these negative reviews?

  • WEL

    as a survival horror or as a shooter RE6 sucks. The game is all QTEs, bad shooting mechanics and not to mention the laughable story.

    RE6 is a bad game. Plain and simple. EA turned Dead Space into more of an action shooter but the game is still light-years better than RE6.

  • Resident evil 6 is super

    As a hardcore fan since 1996 I don’t wish to be put in the same category as the so called “fans” who hate RE6. IMO the new game is amazing.
    People need to stop living in nostalgialand and move on. The first Resident evil games were slow and clunky and restricted by the technology at the time which made the game tense to play.
    Accept that resi isn’t just horror anymore, it’s an epic action story experience.

    As for dead space, I really doubt it will still be around in 20 years.

  • Renjick

    lol @ the spin on this article. 5 million shipped is different from how much the game has actually been bought. But hey, 5 million shipped and on shelves! Wheee.

    RE6 is for the twitch crowd. Not even the smart twitch crowd. Just the dumbasses who like to see pretty things or feel like they accomplished something with as little effort as possible.