New PS Vita games shows end of year release potential

I know what you’re thinking, yet another PS Vita article, but before you accuse us of being fanatical about Sony’s handheld, we thought it would be ideal to highlight some new games that have been requested to assist sales of the Vita. Many gamers feel that we need more titles on this system and their prayers have been answered with a substantial amount coming over the holiday period.

The new PS Vita games show potential for end of year release with everything from Assassin‘s Creed 3: Liberation, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Street Fighter X Tekken coming soon to other titles that have yet to release a date like Kickbeat, Oddworld Munch Odyssey HD and Ratchet and Clank: Full Front Assault. Highlighting some of over 25 PS Vita games expected this holiday Meta feel that our wallets are going to take a good battering towards the end of the year.

This is great news for gamers as the PS Vita is not the only system expecting plenty of great titles, as well as the new Wii U console entering the frame. With that in mind, more titles are expected in the New Year giving those intent on sitting back and waiting to see what occurs, the opportunity to make some great choices. Those initially skeptical about the Vita may feel that a change of heart is order as this handheld are now starting to get the attention it deserves.

In other PlayStation Vita news, our most recent article spoke about the PS Vita hack involved in bringing the actions of hackers to Sony’s attention, giving the company reason to try and take one troublesome player out of the picture. In addition to this, Gamasutra reports on Sony’s handheld device causing a stigma that could be driving away developers, and it is not rocket science that they are finding hard convincing devs to support the PS Vita, especially when the hardware sales are not so good.

Apparently, there is a lot of negativity revolving around the handheld from game developers, and this also relates to issues with the PSP. If publishers are bailing out on PS Vita not even a year into its launch this could become a big problem, so some are regarding this as a strange knee-jerk superstition concerning Sony’s handhelds and Entertainment founder Jim Buck hopes this perception does not escalate. When it comes to PS Vita games and accessories are there any you have in mind as a present over the holiday season, additionally what would you like to see from the next PS Vita firmware update?

  • Monkey.King

    You forgot to mention Playstation All Stars Battle Royale!

  • Sean

    a nba game, or ncaa football. possibly god of war, i figured with the slow decline with the original psp that they would transfer over to the vita but i seem to have been mistake so far into my vita experience.