PS Vita Hack setback, but latest Homebrew a step forward

Hackers will always try to find a way to spoil the way everyone else has to conform and it seems that Sony has taken extra precautionary measures concerning the hacking of the PS Vita, but the latest Homebrew is a step forward. Reflecting on what happened with the PlayStation 3 and PSP a new exploit allowed users to play pirated PSP games on Sony’s new hand-held console and this was viewed as an advantage point to the hackers, yet this actually become a blow to those involved.

As the hacking scene endures another setback it was only 4 months ago that hacker Coldbird found an initial security hole, and after three months a working installable modified PSP firmware (custom firmware or CFW) had been developed. After working on this underground away from the prying eyes of the public and Sony, one beta tester opened up the floodgates and the CFW was leaked to the community. Once Coldbird contacted the troublemaker things started to get heated and Kotaku reports on the situation between the two archrivals.

After advising the person involved to quit and delete all related files on their mediafire account they received a final warning, this resulted in Coldbird publicly announcing his retirement from the hacking community, although he said this before. As Sony keeps a close eye on the hacking community we are sure it wont be long before more find their way though the Vita’s security, but until then the PlayStation Vita seems secure.

Some feel that it will only be a matter of time before someone else takes this persons place in the hacking community, and continue to make it unfair for the rest of us that actually buy games. Yet the good news is that this hacker’s retirement will be a major setback to that scene. In other PS Vita news, Just Push Start highlight Retro City Rampage for the Vita and the PS3, which will be available from next Tuesday, October 9, and this will support cross buy. The game has been in the works for quite a while now, and those buying one title will get free access to the other version, and this works both ways costing $14.99.

The cross buy incentive is a great way to improve sales of both the game and the handheld, with titles like the PS Vita Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified coming next month, this is almost certain to add to the sales. With that in mind, those expecting PS Vita deals over Christmas may have to hold out a little longer, as Sony has no plans for this until early next year. In relation to this, our most recent Vita post mentioned a Christmas price drop for the PS3, but no such luck for those interested in buying a PS Vita as a present. Fergal Gara from Sony UK has stated that there will be a form of aggressive pricing for the PlayStation 3 over the Holiday Season, along with retailer incentives.

A huge price drop is not expected for the PS3, although the 12GB model will be cheaper in comparison to the 160GB model from last year, so a minor drop is on the cards as opposed to the aggressive pricing that was mentioned, and a Vita price drop is not expected for another year. Maybe some decent bundles for both of Sony’s consoles would be ideal considering the imminent arrival of the Wii U.

  • Stephen

    It looks like your article is highly misinformed, Although the files leaked were unusable a new hacker has released files that very much makes the Vita unsecured and allows PSP piracy on it. This happened 3 days ago, you should really pay attention to the news before making articles.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Its called VHBL and works with exploits from certain save files. There is most likely most ver going to be CFW for ps vita because someone released the files that couldn’t be used and tried to take credit and the developer just quit.