WoW Mists of Pandaria first content update will drive sales

When it comes, World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria there is news that the developers are planning to release details concerning the first post-launch content update for this add-on hoping to boost the overall subscription figures to over 10 million. The fourth expansion pack for the game introducing the Monk character class also raises the level cap to 90 went on sale last Tuesday in the UK and is expected to add more subscribers to Activision Blizzard’s popular MMO.

There is no doubt that Mists of Pandaria changes WoW for the better and Video Gamer highlights how it is sold 2.7m amounting to an estimated number of subscribers going beyond 10m. As far as Mists of Pandaria features are concerned this expansion aims to add to the enjoyment had with the fun and discovery experienced in World of Warcraft, as the large amount of content and features involved has accumulated a positive response from gamers.

Apparently, WoW subscription levels had fallen to 9.1 million during August, which has changed drastically since the release of Mists of Pandaria, so we can expect the figures to rise even further when the next content update comes out, so keep posted for news of this over the next couple of weeks. In an article on Shack News more Mists of Pandaria features are divulged with the help of a travelogue, so once the basic quests are completed its worth looking around to see what else is on offer.

With daily quests, you can obtain better gear for raids and heroic dungeons, but the introduction of a new minigame adds even more to this title, as a fun farming faction will keep gamers occupied by plant crops for The Tillers and gain favor by taking food and gifts to those key people in the faction. This is regarded as a fun diversion and those not interesting in farming can still buy things they require to get the buff foods you want for raids.

Only last week we looked at a collection of WoW: Mists of Pandaria reviews and they show that this expansion pack is a vast improvement over Cataclysm and this is regarded as a decent attempt to revive that love for World of Warcraft. In regards to completing the game, have you got to the Mists of Pandaria end boss? In addition, what are your thoughts on this?