FIFA 14 release dilemma for Xbox 360 / 720

The release of FIFA 13 has been marred by a string of problems, even if EA have yet to acknowledge these and would rather discuss the huge success that their new title is having. Having already looked at some of the recent FIFA 13 problems, which include glitches, bugs and freezing issues many fans believe that EA has created these problems because the constant need to get the game out in their September slot. With this in mind we’re certain that they will not change this, and it’s for this reason why we believe that there could be a FIFA 14 release dilemma in terms of the Xbox 360 version of the game.

It’s almost certain that EA will release FIFA 14 in September next year just as they have with past titles from the franchise, but there could also be a staggered release if rumors of an Xbox 720 being released over the 2013 Christmas holiday period come true. If this were the case then EA would still wish to develop for the Xbox 360 because of its massive install base, but they would also need/want FIFA to be made available on Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox because of how popular it would be.

We currently have no official confirmation as to when the next Xbox will be unveiled, but we do know that once it is released Microsoft will still support the Xbox 360 for much longer than they did the first Xbox. There’s also no reason to disbelieve that some developers will develop for both Microsoft consoles, but it’s that transition period that will be the toughest because the likes of EA might have to offer two versions of their game on a current-gen and a next-gen device. However, there is a fear that EA could do the same as what they have done with the FIFA 13 Wii version, because all they have done is updated the kits and players then just stuck a different number on the box. Could EA be forced to release FIFA 14 on the Xbox but it would really be FIFA 13 with updates to kits and players within the teams, no new modes, features or even graphic enhancements?

Does this show that EA have been lazy, or did they feel there was not a huge need for FIFA 13 on the original Wii because the Wii U version will be released just a few months later? Then again that’s not fair to charge consumers a huge amount of money with just a few minor updates – pretty sure Xbox 360 owners would not fall for this if it were to be the same case for them next year?

Do you believe that EA would repackage FIFA 13 and call it FIFA 14 for the Xbox 360 version next year, because they would much rather work on the new features for the Xbox 720 version – if the next-gen console version is released over the 2013 Holiday Season? Also going back to FIFA 13, are you still experiencing issues with the game and are you happy with the support from EA so far?