PS4 release imminent if developers had their way

The topic of next-gen consoles is a highly debated one because why some gamers and devs would say that they are more than happy with the current-gen devices out there, more developers/publishers seem to be agreeing that the PS4 release should be imminent because the PS3 is maxed out. This debate has been going on for a while now, but it’s good to finally get an opinion from some of the biggest developers in the business.

When the PlayStation 3 first launched back in 2006 devs had nothing but good words to say about Sony’s new console because of the potential they could see in it, but it just shows how things have changed. Looking at some of the games still being released you would assume that the PS3 still has more to give, but the current issue with Skyrim seems to prove otherwise. However, it seems strange how one developer can overcome obstacles, while others such as Bethesda cannot.

An article here has been looking at what some of the top developers/publishers have been saying in regards to the PS3, and while we all agree that its start in life was not that great, the console has certainly flourished since then.

10 of the biggest devs/publishers were asked if the PlayStation was maxed out, which could give us an indication if they would rather be working on the PS4 right now, – then again some of them might already be. However, we do find it funny how Activision, Bethesda, EA and more importantly Rockstar were left out.

Out of those 10 developers/publishers asked two devs (Arkane Studios and Quantic Dreams) said they were not close yet and there is still a lot that can be done. Two were indecisive (Insomniac Games and Guerrilla Games) and said that there are always new techniques to find in order to get more from the PlayStation 3.

However, 6 (BioWare, Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Crytek, Polyphony and DICE) believe that they would much rather develop for the PlayStation 4 because they feel as though there is not much more horsepower left under the hood.

Naughty Dog believes that the limits that they have pushed for several years have now been reached and looks forward to working with a device that no longer has these limits – so how come The Last of Us looks so awesome? Also DICE says that they have also reached the limit, so what will they do with Battlefield 4 – is this a hint that it could be a next-gen title? We know that there will be a BF4 beta available next year, but this will likely be for the PC.

The latest PS4 news (rumors) suggest that we still have a couple of years before Sony is close to releasing a new console, which gives us yet more time to foresee what the PS4 specs will be, along with its final release date. Whatever way you look at it we can be certain of a few things, the PS4 design will need to look sexy – unlike the new Super Slim model – and the PlayStation 4 graphics potential will need to far exceed the competition in order to succeed.

  • Jim McShame

    LOL, PS3 is maxed out?? Only if you write multiplatform games and only use the PPE and ignore the 7x SPE’s This is what Bethesda are doing. Lazy and poor coding that doesn’t take advantage of the vast majority of the PS3’s power.

    I say forget them, buy platform exclusives that take advantage of the PS3’s performance, which still has loads to give. I’m really excited about The Last Of Us.

  • Rick Wadel

    i dont think it matters at this time if PS4 comes out PS3 has alot of life in it

  • Sturgino

    EA, Activision are publishers not developers. Probably why they wernt included lol. Maybe get someone who has some knowledge of gaming to write game related articles!

    • Peter Chubb

      You’re correct about Activision, but I think you’ll find that EA are both developers and publishers.

  • nissangtr786

    Jim McShame • You do realise how low end the ps3 is. Sure the cell processor is good but in reality it is not an all rounder. The ps3 gpu is beaten by most integrated graphics cards and even mobile phones and portable systems like the ps vita. Only have to look at PC’s today which have 25x graphics power 10x on real world task faster cpu, 50x ram etc, then see why ps3 game developers are struggling.

    Put it this way the ps3 is like the bare minimum for games now. Only some developers who spend hours like polyphony with gt5 etc will manage to code it specifically to squeeze the power out of ps3 but that takes hours.

    Overall I will say is if ps3 had instead an 8800 series gpu instead and double the ram and double the graphics memory and 50% faster/better gpu then developers would be fine.

    You know when sony ps vita is easier to develop on as it has a lot more ram and fast enough cpu and enough gpu memory or be it less then the ps3 to play the game at native res.

    Overall though I hope ps4 comes out with nvidia maxwell gpu. Imagine that a mid range maxwell gpu would be about 25x powerful graphics then the current ps3. To be honest any cpu will make the cell cpu as an overall cpu look like an intel atom does to a core i7. Cell cpu is okay for gaming but it needs special coding to have a chance of making the game run. With a lot faster cpu its easy.