Dishonored (almost perfect) review score sees admiration

The early signs are looking good for Arkane Studios’s latest title because the first (leaked) Dishonored review score is in ahead of its release date, and the almost perfect score seems to be getting some admiration from some gamers who believe that it will do very well. Surely it’s far better to wait until October 9th before we pass judgment and say if the game will be a success or not, because there are suggestions that Dishonored could be a GOTY?

The first Dishonored review score is from CVG and they have scored the upcoming first-person game a 9.5 out of 10, which is almost perfection, but should we always trust such early reviews? Having said that there were not so flattering early reviews for Resident Evil 6, but there seems to be a general Dishonored will be awesome, we’d love to know if you share in this opinion?

Given that this is an early review there’s no reason why we should not believe it, but looking at some of the feedback from certain gamers, it has been getting some positive feedback. Maybe it is because some of those recent trailers, including this interactive Dishonored gameplay trailer showing that the game has a lot to offer, there are still those who are not convinced with Arkane Studios’s abilities though, but you’re always going to get haters no matter how good a game is.

The positive review points are great freedom within the game, along with a believable world and great if you take either action or the stealth route. However, gamers do agree with the two negative points, which suggests that having too many NPCs can draw your focus from Dishonored, but the biggest issue is that the title will take a little while before it gets into its stride.

However, what we along with those of you waiting for Dishonored to be released disagree with the review in terms of how it’s suggested that the game was finished in under four hours, consideing we were told by the developers that it would take 20 hours minimum to complete. Maybe they might have finished the game in that short amount of time, but did they just breeze through the game without getting too involved and not deciding to partake in any side missions either? There’s also one other factor, what level did CVG play Dishonored on – bet it was easy?

What review do you think Dishonored will get once it’s released in a couple of days time?

  • Robert

    I am thinking perhaps a 85 Metacritic score. I am kind of worried as the last game that I got caught up in the hype with was Homefront and it did not even come close to living up to the hype. But I have faith in Bethesda hence my pre-order.

    • WildMorgan

      Err it’s not Bethesda, it’s Arkane Studios you have to place your trust in. They are the developers, Bethesda are only the publishers.

      • Robert

        True enough, but I like to think that Bethesda has a keen eye for good games… most of the time anyway.

        • guest

          Lol not to scare you but go look at the games bethesda published excellent dev publishes shite though

  • Tom ash

    I can see a few perfect scores on the horizon.

  • jsoftcheck

    I’m seeing so many grammatical and mechanical mistakes in this article I can barely slog through it. Was it written by a textbot? I’m guessing not because at least a textbot would have caught the spelling error. Find an editor and pay him well.

  • Cole Sibley

    Fingers crossed

  • BigBoy

    i’m thinking that dishonored is going to be one of those amazing games that just comes out of nowhere and surprises everybody with an amazing review score

  • James1811

    Early reviews!? That’s the point! Magazines and websites get SENT review codes of the game by the publisher hence why games are scored before release to benefit gamers. PC Gamer had the full game to play in the first week of September and I’m sure other journalistic medias had access to the finished game pre-production at that time.

    I trust reviews from most credible individuals at sites as they demonstrate they have played the title in full and delve into considerable key detail. CVG is trustworthy and shouldn’t be criticised just because their pre-published review score was leaked as the full review text wasn’t published.