Best FIFA 13 goals and celebrations visualized

Putting aside all the issues that have surrounded FIFA 13 for now, we thought it would be nice to look at footage that shows most players are enjoying the game. Here we have a couple of videos that looks at not only the best FIFA 13 goals but also the celebrations as well.

There’s nothing better than having a few mates round your house, getting FIFA 13 out and having a decent session, and that’s when the banter begins about who’s the best. There have been many occasions when we all have a poor game and it will finish goalless, but it’s when you score a goal that the fun begins, not only in the game but with your friends as well.

The first video helps show off some of the best goals that have been scored, and we have to say that they are all beauties. However, you will notice that these shots were a little easy to come by and must have been set on an easy level, as the AI would not allow for such shots on a higher level because of the amount of time most of these players were allowed to keep the ball. Then again I could just be feeling a little jealous at the skill from these players?

Okay, when you have the skill level up high the AI players hounds you much more, but there are still moments when you can show your flare, and we’re sure that some of them can be seen in that first video below. Once awesome goals have been scored that’s when the celebrations begin, so we thought we would show you some of the best FIFA 13 celebrations as well.

Before you ask there is no Gangnam Style celebration in FIFA 13, even though there has been a petition to do so. We do hope that it doesn’t make it into the game, as the dance and song has now been done to death, as there is Gangnam Style in Modern Warfare 3 and also Skyrim.

Anyway back to some of the best celebrations in FIFA 13 so far, which not only includes a player doing some shadow boxing, but also copying Usain Bolt’s famous pose. However, one of the strangest has to be the Moonwalk, not sure how easy it would be to do a Moonwalk on the pitch with football/soccer boots on?