Black Ops Declassified: Zombies MIA, multiplayer prioritized

When you mention Black Ops, one of the main characteristics many gamers look for is zombies although it seems like the new PS Vita version is set to lack this popular element with the attention focused on the multiplayer aspect. As we check out what is involved in the Black Ops Declassified gameplay we try to get an understanding of why this feature has been omitted, and whether this title will still entice Call of Duty fans.

According to Activision rep Dan Amrich, the Black Ops Declassified zombies are missing in action for a decent reason, and this is to prioritize the multiplayer. Being the first of the Call of Duty franchise to hit the Vita there is requirement to deliver a game that relies on it core strengths and this is their primary objective. Highlighting this news, CVG mention this game has not been highly thought of going by first impressions and not all gamers are pleased about the lack of zombies, even though there is a Hostiles mode, there will be no zombies in this iteration.

Some gamers feel that the Hostile mode has the same principles as zombies, yet no undead, which would be an incentive to buy the game. This news will have many who were expecting this title to contain the fan-favorite mode to opt out, losing many sales, although there is hope that this could come as DLC to accumulate more attention. Loyal fans of the franchise that are expecting to obtain this game will be pleased to know that the Black Ops Declassified release date is scheduled for November 13 and G4TV write about the survival mode and the new perks in this upcoming Vita title.

It seems that the visuals have drastically improved since it was first shown, and studio boss Rob Huebner has revealed some information on stuff like multiplayer maps Range and Nukehouse, and that this aspect of the game is expected to have a similar type of progression system to the console titles, with a few new additions. Some new attachments are in order and all primary weapons can be equipped with two attachments, and one with the secondary.

Out of the new perks involved, Surplus will allow users to obtain extra ammo and grenades with each spawn, and Hardwired will contain immunity to counter spy plane. In other Call of Duty news, last week we wrote about Black Ops 2 and the potential campaign details and mod concerns, in which we looked at the achievements list and new maps, along with security measures taken by Activision concerning the lack of support for mod tools. Going back to Black Ops Declassified, do you feel it looks as bad as some gamers have suggested? Moreover, would you agree with this from some of the footage that you have seen in recent weeks?

  • Majin_Romulus

    No zombies, half assed game and developed by Nihilistic. No Way.