First Resident Evil 6 DLC videos released, thanks to modders

There were questions asked about whether Capcom will or will not release on-disc downloadable content for Resident Evil 6 and it seems that this was included, so those who don’t want spoilers will not want to see the first RE6 DLC videos that have been released courtesy of modders. With numerous videos being shown across the internet, modding has given users the opportunity to check what’s available on the disc in both Pro and DLC difficulty.

YouTube user, FluffyQuack has shown the footage that allows gamers to see the huge difference on damage received from enemies in the difficulties and Original Gamer report this along with three videos of the action involved. In one, you get to see the various attacks and costumes that can be unlocked, which also shows some aspects that are reminiscent of the early PSX games. The other videos give us the opportunity to view all the multiplayer taunts from the playable characters, and a soldier that is not one of the cast is also seen, which some may feel is a costume or maybe a new unlockable character.

Some gamers are not happy that on-disc DLC is still being entertained, although many are hoping this will be a free add-on. Those upset with Capcom will be pleased with the modders even though news of the on-disc DLC has resulted in many fans disregarding this game altogether, especially those who feel the franchise has strayed too far away from its roots, in order to appeal to the wider audience.

In connection to the negative feelings surrounding the game last week we looked at some reviews that seem far from positive even though Resident Evil 6 is selling pretty with about 5 million copies sold already. This gives us cause to wonder if this title really is as bad as some are suggesting, and although Resident Evil 6 Metacritic scores are low will this cause many fans of the franchise to feel that there is no hope left.

Apparently, this game was expected to reinstall some of what was taken from the series in Resident Evil 5 and although many enthusiasts see that Capcom are trying to appeal to newcomers there is a feeling they should still stick to the familiar feel that initially made it so popular. On a more positive note, the Financial Post feel RE6 is better than you are lead to believe even though they conceive that the characters are not that good. Their opinion is that this is a confused game that doesn’t know what it wants to be and even though more emphasis is put on the action aspect the controls seem to be worst than that experienced in previous games.

There is fun to be had with this title but those who felt the last two games strayed a little from the path will feel this iteration has gone too far. All the campaigns need to be played in order to find out exactly what is going on, even though the individual characters still have a fairly linear style that undoes the job of separate campaigns. As far as its overall impression is concerned, it is seen as a disappointment that does not continue the legacy of survival horror or the qualities of a decent shooter.

In regards to those spending a fair amount of time with Resident Evil 6, we would like to know your overall perspective. Additionally, what is your view on the in-game DLC?